Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Causing a Shift...

I recently got asked if I had noticed a shift in the atmosphere.  Interesting because I did a few months ago.  My girlfriend and I practiced stepping into heaven by faith and receiving all that God had for us. Then we would step back into this realm and release the authority, the dominion, the victory of heaven and whatever else the Lord directed us to release.  Then, we would release all the angels we had and more would come and ask for more angels to be released, especially worship angels.  Then a  chief angel started asking us to release Hunter Angels.  It got very exciting!

So that's how we did it for our camp and then for our town and then for a section of highway that the angels wanted freed up and the lay lines cleansed.

So my thought is... if we would all pray the Lord's prayer and come boldly to the throne of grace (by faith) receive by faith and release by faith.... we would see a tremendous shift in the atmosphere!

My girlfriend is even better at it now than I am.  She caught on to stepping in immediately and she has child like faith so she steps in 15-20 times a day at least.  I like to worship and sometimes I forget to step back and release all that I've been given.  Ian Clayton says that the enemy will try to rob us of what we've gotten from heaven during our descent... so I'm working on doing it intentionally.

So I am going to brag on her right now.  She noticed that the atmosphere at her home town was really negative and heavy.  So the Lord told her to step into heaven, receive his love, peace, joy, victory etc and then to step back and release it in this physical realm.  She did that many, many times a day.

Then the angels started nudging her to release more angels and to call for more angelic help.  Within a week her home atmosphere had changed and the angels were really happy, The Lord was happy and people were more open to the things of God.

She's just one person.   If You'll step in and receive,  either using Mal. 2:1-5 or Psalm 100 as your door in, then you can step back by faith and release and change the atmosphere.  The angels really love it when we release them to get their testimonies. They want to be busy! I hate seeing an angel chained up.  I want them released all over the world. After all they are a huge part of God's army!

A word to the wise...  Loose all the angels you have jurisdictional authority over.   Don't bother with the enemy,,, cause what you focus on multiplies.  Focus on God and his armies.

So that's my thought for the day.  Enter his presence by faith, receive, step back into this realm and release the ambiance of heaven everywhere you go... and keep your angels busy and all the other angels God nudges you to release.

Have a great day!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson