Friday, July 29, 2011

Where We Are in Canada

A few days ago I saw a banner in the spirit with the word "Dream" on it in bold letters.  It looked like it was being pulled across the sky by an invisible angel and I was really impacted by it.

I asked the Lord, "What dream? Whose dream is coming now?  And immediately I was taken back into a past vision.

Many years ago I was in my kitchen praying in tongues and  all of a sudden I saw pictures overlapping the view out my kitchen door.   I saw myself being falsely accused of a heinous crime and taken away from my children.  I was languishing in jail trying so hard to convince anyone to help me and nobody would!  I cried desperate tears and pleaded with so many to help me prove my innocence.  No one would help me!

I watched the seasons pass by looking out my jail cell window and I saw children playing outside but they weren't mine. The ache in my heart was so great I didn't think I could stand it any longer.

Finally, the authorities decided my children could come see me.  I was so happy!  I could hardly wait to see my children!

The day came and they were brought to me.  Imagine my shock and hurt to find out that they didn't want to see me.  They thought I was guilty!  They had written me off! The rebuff was almost more than I could bear and I started sobbing from the impact of the vision.

Immediately I heard the Lord's voice, "That's how I feel about my children. I have been falsely accused and judged.  My children have believed a lie and don't even want to see me."

I never forgot it. I have been praying for a great awakening and revival across Canada for many years and I believe God's going to show himself as the Great God and refute and tear up all the lies that people have erroneously believed.

We are on the brink of a huge revival or awakening.  God says His dream is coming to pass.  Now is not the time to fall asleep or get distracted.  Every day counts when you are on the winning side.  I want to encourage you to pray in tongues more than ever and to ask for the interpretation too.  "Lord, the gifts you have given me give to these precious saints. Amen."

Also, keep singing love songs, your songs to the Lord. Don't worry if they are out of tune. He loves it!

One more thought... This morning I woke up with a startling dream.  I saw a woman's pregnant belly getting beaten by blows from 2x4 wood studs.  I also saw a few snakes around her waiting to strike and poison the woman and baby.

I believe that the enemy is going to try to stop this revival. The Lord told me to pray, to break off any seditious spirit, pride, control and manipulative spirit that would hurt this revival and to loose many more angels to protect God's dream.

We must remember-- we are in a safe place to grow. Holy Spirit told me that we have a great team of mature leaders in our church. As we support our leaders He will bring this dream to pass and we will all benefit.

Lord we loose camaraderie and support in our churches.  Help us to esteem one another better than ourselves. Help us to lay our agendas down and support our leaders.  Thank You for more joy as we determine to praise and thank you for what you are doing in our lives.  Thank you for more revelations as we choose to pray in tongues more. We believe we receive all that you have for us Holy Spirit.  Thank You so much that we have the Holy of Holies inside of us now. Thank you Lord that we can bring you joy and delight your heart today. Thank You for your great company today Holy Spirit. You are the best thing that ever happened in our lives! You really are! Amen.

I bless you as you go, in Jesus' Name.
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Songs with Nice Pics Too

Hi there.  This is an amateur video of summer pics with some very amateur recordings of some songs I wrote.


Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

Friday, July 22, 2011

Every Day Is Important!

Every day is important when you are on the winning side.   It doesn't matter if you are at work or at home cleaning, every day counts for something in God's eyes.

Do not let the enemy lull you into complacency by telling you, it doesn't matter what you do today,  Or perhaps you have been putting off something God has asked you to do. Let me advise you that  these are tricks.  You can't go to step B without doing step A.

Every time you read your bible or talk to others about God there is a Heavenly record made.  That shows you that Heaven thinks it's important what you do every day.

Also,  every time you praise the Lord and give him the adoration he's due, he's promised to inhabit your praises. That means that the Creator of all the universe is visiting you.  What would you ask Him if you knew you could?  What would you say?  And we get lulled into watching reruns on tv instead of seeking God. Yeesh!  Have we been deceived or what?

The bible says that we are changed from glory to glory in HIS presence. (2Cor. 3:18) I guess we don't believe this word here in North America because way too many people are complacent in the musical part of our church services. Perhaps there has been an over emphasis on the word to the exclusion of the praise and worship.

In some church services the atmosphere is so heavy that you need a half an hour of good exhortative singing to get the people involved.  Then you can think about singing some worship songs.  All of this praise and worship has to be led by Holy Spirit of course and not 'man' orchestrated, which is probably why some churches hardly ever experience the glory of God.  Sad isn't it?  I used to belong to a church like that and I would often wonder why, when things were just starting to warm up,  the leader would shut it down.  It is very tragic.  Lord help these precious people to burn again with passion for you.

I don't know about you but I want to be changed. My face isn't shining like Moses' face did.  I don't see people getting healed by my shadow, so I know that there is more to be had.  God is no respecter of persons so if these fellows (Moses and Peter) can be changed from cowards to champions, then so can I.

I am going after God today, not tomorrow,  because I don't know if I even have tomorrow. (ref. James 4: 13-15)

If God thinks it's important to seek him... then it is, plain and simple.  If God could anoint Brother Lawrence as he did the dishes in the monastery... then he can anoint me as I putter around my house.  I am choosing to keep my ears open and to sing the words or songs He gives me.

I desperately need him today. He's promised to work on my behalf while I wait on him.  That's the best deal in the whole world! (Is 64:4)

May the Good Lord bless you today as you pursue Him for more glory and answers in your life.
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hay Tarps and Provision

How's that for a tarping job?   We used the truck on one side and a tractor on the other side to hold it down and round baler twine to lash it on the other ends. When the storm started the baler twine snapped like thread  and my hubby started to panic. Over $500.00 worth of horse hay in square bales was at stake. I yelled above the howling wind and rain, "Grab the fencing tape!" and my daughter and I positioned ourselves to hold the tarp down while we waited for him to get back.

It was thundering all around us, but I had already prayed for protection over my farm so I wasn't concerned. I have seen God redirect lightning to protect my family and I.

It seemed like an eternity but it was probably only a minute before my hubby came back out and we got the tarp lashed down and headed indoors.
Opposite Side
 We were not even planning on doing square bales because it's so much work, but I did not find a part time job this summer.   I applied at several places as was going to continue to apply but Lord told me not to. 

I didn't get upset about it or start fretting, I just increased my faith confessions and watched my tongue.
When the phone call came asking me if I would be doing square bales from a lady I hadn't heard from in a couple of years I knew that God was opening a door of provision. Hallelujah!  She wanted as many square bales as we could spare. Hallelujah!   There was my grocery money for the summer or so I thought.

My husband was really excited because he was envisioning where the money could go and it wasn't the same destination I was thinking of, LOL.  I am sure if you have been married any length of time that this has happened to you too.

So... do I ball and squall about how it's not fair?   I was thinking of it and then thought better. I asked the Lord if he had something to say. He immediately brought to my remembrance  the well Isaac had believed for and dug in faith only to lose it to the Philistines.  He didn't give up!  He went on to dig two more wells before he was able to keep one for himself and his people. (ref. Gen 26:19-22)  I believe that God was telling me to believe for another income opportunity to open up.

Our God has a zillion ways to look after us.  He has always taken good care of me.   Really!  He has always taken good care of me and He loves you just as much as he loves me. He is no respector of persons, and he does love to hear faith testimonies coming out of our mouths. (Acts. 10:34, Rev. 19:10)

Shout it in the devil's face when those troubling thoughts come about how you are going to make it.  If God can open one income stream, he can open another one as long as we keep our words right.  No grumbling or complaining allowed.  That shuts down the power of God really fast.  The Israelites died in the wilderness because of all their stout words.  That is not going to happen to this girl!

Let's pray together.  "Lord, in Jesus' name we break any assignments of the devil to bring curses, sickness, poverty and opposition against us and our families.  We plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves and our families right now. We loose the plans of God for our lives and call in blessings, provision, opportunities and favor with God and with people.  Lord, we give you all the glory for what you are doing now in our lives.  Be glorified in our lives today.  Amen!"

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miracle In Our Orchard

The last few years we have had apple scab attack our apple trees.  This has been devastating as it takes a lot of fungicide spraying to control the fungus and we don't normally spray our orchard.

Last year we decided to go take the course required before we could by the fungicide, but when we found out it was going to cost us a couple of hundred dollars, we postponed it and then found out that there were not any more courses to take that summer.

It was a horrible crop last year.  The apples were the size of a walnut or smaller and black with split skins.  Most of them didn't ripen and we had only a couple of younger trees that were scab resistant. I ended up getting apples elsewhere so I could make apple crisps  for the freezer.

This year I was prepared to take the course and pay the substantial fee when my husband found out that we do not qualify to take the course because we are not a commercial orchard with farm income.

Well,  there was nothing else I could do.  All my options were exhausted.  So I told the Lord, "It's up to you. We have tried everything we can."

Every time I wanted to grumble I kept quiet.  Every time I wanted to get frustrated with all the mowing and maintenance I chose to Thank God that He was looking after it.  I ended up avoiding the orchard for a whole month.  You can imagine how tall the grass was!

I finally had to go cut the grass and as I was cutting I couldn't help but notice that most of the trees were scab free and the apples were looking really good on them. Could it be?  I told my husband and we went back to inspect the trees and we determined that almost all of them were scab free.

How does this happen?  I don't know.  Once the fungus is in the soil it's almost impossible to get rid of, even when you use an aggressive spraying regime.  We had nothing to spray with and we didn't want to destroy the trees and replant with scab resistant varieties.

All I know is that as I worship Him and exalt His name, He does stuff. Faith rests. It doesn't gripe.  Resting in faith is almost like giving up.... but you keep your confession lined up with His word and what you are believing for. 

We have the privilege of serving a great, loving God.  He is so awesome.  He can cleanse our land so easily.  He can cleanse our hearts just as easily-- if we will let Him.

On that note I want to encourage you to "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Don't lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge His sovereignty and He will direct your steps." (ref. Prob. 3:5-6)

For us, He knows that we love to give hay-wagon rides through our orchard. He already knows how much fun we have walking through the orchard, fellow-shipping with Holy Spirit and enjoying all the fruit. He knows how many people will be blessed by our place. He knows!

Someone once said, "When God is all you have, then you have everything." That sums up life well.

I bless you today as you pursue Holy Spirit. May you know his sweet fellowship and communion more and more. Amen!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love And Heart Healing

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I was at the License Bureau in Carleton Place this am and a little boy of about two years old came in with his mommy and friend.  He was playing with a little red dinky car and I felt God's love for him. I asked the Lord a couple of questions to clarify what I was getting and then I approached the Mom to ask if I could share what the Lord was giving me as a way of blessing for her son.

She was all for it so I mentioned how her son had a grace gift of wisdom on him and that he wouldn't break her heart as a teenager.  There were a few other points the Lord gave me that I shared and I made sure that I mentioned Jesus in the conversation.

Then I gave out Million Dollar Bill tracts to all the people waiting and started telling another young lady what God had impressed me to share with her.

Then I shared with a different couple about the healing services at our church every Friday night and to bring anybody that might need some healing. I told them how much it grew my faith to see peoples' legs grow out in front of me and that people were coming from a long ways away for healing.

Are you starting to wonder what caused all of this?  I mean I didn't pray in tongues for hours before I went out. I just thought about how much God loved this little boy and the river flowed.

I'll tell you what happened.  We have some great people at our church that are really experienced in facilitating inner healing.  A few weeks ago Holy Spirit nudged me to go see them and I obeyed.  You might not think I would need to as I've been a Christian for 25 plus years and I am on the ministry team at church, but in some cases being on a ministry team means you should go for regular check-ups because of all the spiritual retaliation that can happen.

I went on Thursday morning and the people were very kind and gentle and Holy Spirit showed the man what he wanted us to visit and heal.  I said, "Sure," and it was so amazing.

Initially, I had a picture in my mind that was filled with pain and abandonment and then when the Pastor asked me to look at it again with Holy Spirit, it was like a transparency was laid over the picture and I could see all the glory and angels protecting me.  Did it ever change my perspective!  I was never, ever abandoned!  I was so wanted!  I could feel the scars melting away as I absorbed this new perspective.

Then the Pastor felt to pray that the stings I was getting because of my boldness would not hurt anymore.  That was really cool.  I could see a swarm of wasps flying around me but they couldn't sting me. Hallelujah!

I felt like I was 10 pounds lighter on the way home!  I knew all about the ministry of inner healing and had done seminars with John and Paula Sandford as a young believer, but this took it to a whole new level.

Is it any wonder that my ministry gifts would be much stronger after such a revelation of the Father's love and care?

I ministered powerfully to many people last night and then this morning it was as natural as breathing. Yay God!

I guess I want to encourage you to go for inner healing/counseling if Holy Spirit nudges you.  I had some concerns that what I shared might be used against me but then Holy Spirit showed me one Sunday that our church was a safe place to grow. That clinched it.  I don't ever want to hurt anyone and if my getting fixed up means that I can help others more, I am going to do it.

I bless you today as you pursue Jesus.  As you focus on God's love for those around you the gifts will flow, in Jesus' name.  Now go have fun with your Daddy. He loves you so, so much!

Big hugs and blessings,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Hay & Seeking God

Hi all.  Summer is such a busy season on the farm, between harvesting hay and keeping up with the apple orchard we are very busy.   We know it's for a season so we are enjoying it while we are here.  There's only one thing that's guaranteed in life and that's change-- at least when you are pursuing God.

So I have been singing songs to the Lord while I drive tractors and I have been listening to all the songs I have recorded the last few months.  It's weird but I  am really enjoying the quiet on the tractor.  Amidst all the noise it's special to just be able to ask the Lord questions and hear what He has to say.

Hay has to be cut a certain way and dried a certain way and baled a certain way if you want good horse hay.   Every day the weather conditions change and we try to figure out what to do.  My husband has gotten very adept at asking me if we should do this and then wait.  I ask the Lord what to do and then we do that.  He's looked after us every time.  As we keep our hearts clean from offense and stay in touch with Holy Spirit we can have a running conversation with the Lord all day long, even while you are working!

That's my tip for today-- Repent quickly.  Whenever you get the slightest bit offended with anyone, forgive them and bless them.   God's blessing will help them change faster!  And more importantly, it will keep the enemy from attacking you with his half truths. Truly, your battlefield is your mind.  Offense and unforgiveness send out shock waves in the spirit realm that attract the wrong kind of attention.  Conversely, if you keep praise and thanksgiving coming out of your mouth you attract God's angels to help you.

Sounds simple I know, but it works.  God is looking for those who will sign up to walk in his glory and live in his glory.  I know that is what I am pursuing with all my strength.  I want to be a walking conduit of Heaven.  Whatever that looks like or sounds like-- I want it all!

Therefore, I exhort you to have a great day with the Lord!  It doesn't matter what's happening, He has promised to turn it around!  He will cause all things to work together for your GOOD as you praise and thank him.  (ref. Rom. 8:37)

Thank You Jesus that nothing can cause us to stumble or become offended because we love your law (Ps. 119:165)
Thank You Lord that we are wise, we don't give full vent to our anger because we have self-control. (Prov. 29:11)
Thank You Lord that we are quick to hear, slow to speak and very slow to become angry or offended. (James 1:19)
Thank You Lord that words of love, grace, mercy and kindness flow from our lips today.
Thank You Lord that Your love is shed abroad in our hearts by Holy Spirit. (Rom. 5:5)
Thank You Lord that we can't fail for winning, we can't lose for succeeding, we are always victors through the blood of Jesus and spread everywhere the fragrance of Him. (ref. 2Cor. 2:14)
Thank You Lord that Your favor has come and touched every area of our lives.  We are growing in favor with You and with all men. (ref. 1Sam. 2:26)

Thank You Lord that.... (your thanksgiving goes here)

Have a great day with Him!
Big hugs and many blessings,
Brenda Gale Thompson