Sunday, April 25, 2021

Driving my bus

 Hi there.   I'm working  late night shifts  driving around the city.  I love it! Gives me lots of time to pray and sing over the city and I've had lots of encounters too!

I claim the glory of God on my bus and its amazing how some  people are drawn to my bus and others are repulsed.   Yay God!   

I pray for people too as the the Lord leads.   Most times I just bless them or ask them if I can pray for them first.  Haven't been turned down yet!

The other night I was  driving along and came across some  leigh lines that had been contaminated so I was cleansing them as I usually do.  Then this fellow appeared at my right door as I drove (in the spirit).   As soon as I saw him he disappeared. Lol.  I think he was freaked out that I could see him!    He tried to throw a forgetful curse at me... didn't work of course.  

Made me sad that there are so few Christians taking authority over their neighborhood that this guy came to check out who was busting up his pentagram over the area  in the spirit realm.  

 Friends its so easy to do this!   Just pray "Lord, your will be done  and your Kingdom come in this area.   Let your angels get their testimonies  and let me be your worship warrior, in Jesus' name! Amen!"  

Then I sing the song the Lord prompts me to sing as I drive and decree what he nudges me to decree over each area.

My advice is start with your street and Remember to break off all retaliation, backlash and transference of spirits hourly and you'll be fine!

Why you say? Because your enemy is a dirty fighter.  If you punch him he's going to punch you back where ever you hurt.  So be ready for it.  You are a soldier!   We rule and reign with the words and songs we speak or sing out of our mouths.   No words,,, no victory!  Wrong words and you've just helped the devil steal, kill and destroy....  The Choice is yours!

Needless to say I major on God's mercy!   It's only by his mercy and grace that I'm doing anything at all!

Nuff said.

Have a great day with him!  

Brenda Gale Thompson

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Great Exercises for seeing and perceiving in Heaven!

 Hi!   Chris Carter does a very practical exercises with a group to start going to Heaven.   I really enjoyed his practical, approach and how he deals with all our natural objections.

Well worth watching and making notes from it.


 Brenda Gale



Friday, August 28, 2020

Trading in Heaven

  A friend asked me write about what I've experienced in heaven.    What follows is my notes as the encounter happened. 

I stepped by faith into heaven a couple of weeks ago.  I was in my garden and it was so beautiful. There were lots of gems on the bench I like to sit on.  So many different colors and shapes.  I couldn't count how many there were. Some had even fallen to the ground.  I knew that they show up when I worship my King and when I'm obedient so I grabbed a bunch of them and put them in my belly for safe keeping.

I went to  go see Melchizedek  cause I knew I should trade them for something.   I'm so grateful for him! (He's patient with me).   He asked me what I wanted.

I replied, "I want to fulfill my ketuba (my destiny scroll).   

He nodded gently then prompted me, "And?"

I want to bless the Father's heart!

"And?", he said (thought)

I thought out loud, "I really want to be in Heaven while I'm on the earth. I need help!  So many places I would love to visit and be in every day."

Now he's nodding . I can feel his approval.  I felt the words, "Holy Spirit will help you."

Then I heard Holy Spirit say, "Turn the TV off.  Desire will make a way."

 Melchizedek then asked me, "Anything else?"

 I was struggling with what to ask for,  so I questioned, "Is it okay to ask for more angels?"

That evoked a big belly laugh from him!  (He knows how many angels I keep busy already.) So I changed it.  "How about I activate all the idle angels around me?  

He got a hold of himself and smiled at me, "You are already."

I started thinking... He's the keeper of the treasury rooms of heaven. Hallelujah!  

"Yes,", he interjected.

So I blurted out, "What would you like me to ask for?"

That question surprised him. (I got the feeling that not many people had ever asked him that.) He replied,  "Ask the Father for the gifts that others don't want."

"Okay!  I can do that!", I exclaimed. 

He's very happy now! 

I added, "Thanks so much for all your patience with me and all your help."

He replied slowly, "Thank you Brenda Gale!" and I felt a wave of light and blessing envelope me. So remarkable -  I'm marked by heaven. So much love, acceptance, hope and excitement. I'll never be the same!  

I looked down and there was a glowing scroll inside of me. All of heaven and hell can see it. Wow!

Then Holy Spirit told me that Melchizedek has to look after the next person.   I can stay and watch or go somewhere else.

I backed off about 20 feet  and a man approached.  One small gem in his hand to offer for trade. ( I wanted to give him some of my gems but Holy Spirit said , "No. Be still!" 

He wanted wealth which Melchizedek traded for, but I felt a yearning that the person would ask for something different.

Then he disappeared and I saw the shadow of a woman trading but she had no gems or tears, just desire.  I was wondering what would happen when Jesus appeared and he offered his blood for trade on her behalf.  Melchizedek honored it. I realized that she wanted healing and Melchizedek gave her an orb of light. (I somehow knew it was for physical and mental healing).

Wow, I thought! I realized that Jesus has done that for me too when I didn't know about Melchizedek!  The wonders of heaven!!  How they long to give us stuff, to equip us!

I  thanked Holy Spirit for helping me and I stepped back into my kitchen.

(Guess who's now asking for the gifts that others don't want? lol)

Have a blessed day!

Big hugs,

Brenda Gale Thompson


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Simple Setup of Portable Air Conditioner in a room with Crank style Windows

Hi!   I couldn't find the youtube video I saw years ago for setting up a air conditioner in a room with crank windows so I took lots of photos as I set it up again today.

All you need is  Cling Wrap, Duct tape and a pair of scissors!   Plus you don't need to damage the window Frame!

So first I taped the frame that came with the air conditioner to the screen frame . Made sure it faced the right way for the hose to attach to it after.
Then I wrapped the screen with cling wrap starting at the bottom and working upwards, making sure that the wrap overlapped the previous layer by half. 

Then I cut the cling wrap out of the duct area on both sides of the screen. 
And the other side I cut a bit bigger around the outlet 
Now you’re ready to install your screen then attach the outlet hose! 
My screen has these little tabs that you rotate to hold the screen in the frame. 
They work great and the window frame is not damaged! 
Here is the same setup in another bedroom, this is the second or third summer for the same cling wrap setup!  (sorry for the photo orientation.  still learning how to use the mobile app)

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Hi there Saints!

I was sharing with my grand daughter about singing  and the results and she was intrigued.  So I thought I would share my tips with you.

My Grand daughter is 11 and she likes to sing, which is great.   So I told her that a long time ago I felt to ask Holy Spirit what song he would like to hear as I went through my day.   I just really wanted to bless His heart and so I asked and waited and sure enough a song bubbled up in my thoughts so I sang it to Him.  Well as usual, angels started showing up and of course I didn't want to stop! 

 I told her  don't worry if you can't remember the words!  Just make up your own.  The goal is to sing from your heart. (Isa. 42:10, Ps. 96:1, Ps. 144:9)

I then suggested that my grand daughter  pretend she was like Romeo when he wanted to sing to his Juliet on the balcony.  ( not an exact analogy but you get the point)

Then I told her about the miracles I had seen when I would listen and sing in my home until the Lord said, " Go now."   So many people helped in the mall or grocery store... it made for some exciting testimonies!

Oh one other thing I told her that I always do.... I  lift my arm up to heaven and wave at the Lord and say,  "Here I am, Lord!  Please use me today!"   He loves to hear those words!   Of course  I got stretched many times and I could have run because I looked like a fool... but I refuse to let my reputation get in the way of the Master's plans for me!

 My daughter texted me later  that day that my grand daughter was singing in her bedroom!  Praise the Lord!

So have fun pretending to be Holy Spirit's  lover that wants to bless his heart!   You'll never be the same!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

ref. Psalm 96:1

Monday, May 20, 2019

Bring the Movie "Unplanned" to Canada

Hi friends!

Just a quick post.  Hope you are all growing in the Lord!  I'm really enjoying all the extra teaching I get from Justin Abraham, Ian Clayton and so many others.   It's changing me for sure!

On a more important note.. my hero Faytene has asked that we support her efforts to bring "Unplanned" to Canada.   Apparently Cineplex a company that controls 80% of the movie market share in Canada has chosen not to air it here which is stupid financially because it's made huge amounts of money in the States!

The Bible says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice” (Proverbs 31:8-9 NLT).

So Here's the link to get involved.  It's very simple... took bout 5 minutes to  sign the petition and send the letter.

Thanks so much!

The Bible says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice” (Proverbs 31:8-9 NLT).

Hugs and blessings!
Brenda Gale Thompson

Sunday, August 19, 2018

What a Great Church!

Hi Friends.    Just an update.... I've been living in Edmonton for over three years and Alberta for four years.  God put me in a really great church.     For a while I wondered because we didn't have a pastor and we would get different speakers but the worship was great so I stuck it out.

Now we have Pastor Chris and Nicki Mathias from the States.  The new name is The Summit Edmonton.   It's been such a blessing because they  believe in training up the believers and have a ministry team.   Not only is it a protection from burnout for them but it's such great training for the body!

On top of that, Pastor Nicki is starting a school of music ministry for kids and people of all ages that want to learn how to play or sing or both!   They'll be able to learn an instrument,  learn how to be on a worship team and how to sing a new song to the Lord!  How amazing is that?   I am so thrilled for the  people of our congregation! 

Finally, we have a very anointed evangelist that goes out regularly to  share at the malls and other places.   I tried to connect with him once but it didn't work out.  Think I'll have to try again.

All in all, the Lord has been restoring my hope.  I know I need the body.   I'm just one soldier in this army and I'm thrilled to bear witness with what God is doing!

God has promised to turn my scars into trophies and I'm seeing it happen before my eyes!   The church is just one part, but so important to me! Hallelujah!

Here's the link to the facebook page where we have live services!

Have a great day with Him!
Blessings and hugs,

Brenda Gale