Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puppy Evangelism

Might as well start them young, right? That's what I was thinking yesterday on a very cold winter's day. I thought there is no point going to the mall, as it's January and most people are recovering from Christmas spending. It's way too cold outside to go street preaching, so what else can I do?

I know, I'll do Puppy Evangelism! I have a new puppy and she is very cute and quiet. The people at the Seniors home will love her, and I'll get to talk to them and share with them, as the Lord leads.

Fast forward one day. It worked. Brandy was a hit with the seniors and I talked to six or seven people. It was a good start. I did not have the chance to talk to the lady I planned on visiting, because she forgot I called thirty minutes earlier and went to see some singers perform a few songs. I forgot how quickly some seniors can forget things, (chuckle) but that's okay. I will go back soon. As I build friendships, I'll be able to pray for them and answer any questions they might have.

I count on the Lord to let me know what to say and how to say it. He is so very helpful. He can take any circumstance and turn it into an opportunity.

I was so encouraged with my results yesterday, that I went to a different Seniors home today. I brought my other Boston Terrier, Belle. The lady I was hoping to visit was out, (this happens a lot) so God opened the doors for me to talk to some men.

One man was especially taken with Belle and I got her to do a bunch of tricks for him, which all the men loved. There were plenty of smiles on their faces this afternoon, Praise the Lord!

Belle went to another man in a wheel chair and asked permission to stand up on her hind legs. I let her, and she licked his hand and made a big fuss over him, which of course made his day. I gave the man a dog treat and showed him how to give it to her. You should have seen the smile on his face, when she took the treat from him. He was beaming with joy.

I'm pretty sure those men will be talking about a dog named Belle at the supper table tonight. I'm thinking that they will be chuckling over her antics, and remembering how she cocks her head from side to side when you talk to her.

A man who worked at the residence told me I could come back any time with my dog and visit the people. I'm excited because I get to talk to the seniors, and the dogs are great conversation starters. They give so much love and make it easy for me to talk to the people and then bless them. It's a real win, win situation.

I'm encouraged too, because it helps me practice witnessing to people. As we make ourselves available, God uses us for His Glory. Now that's living!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spiritual Discernment Needed

Spiritual Discernment is so very important if you want to live a victorious life in Christ.

Many Christians have this gift, even if they have not received the fullness of the Holy Spirit yet.

If, all of a sudden, you get a wave of negative, condemning, critical or angry thoughts that are out of character for you, ask the Lord , "Is this me or is someone under attack?"

The key is "all of a sudden". If you were fine five minutes ago, and the world has not fallen apart, then where did this flow of horrible thoughts come from? That is a very good question to ask.

Here are a few keys to recognize the enemy's attack:

-A spirit of lust usually manifests in lustful thoughts.

-A spirit of jealousy usually manifests in jealous, angry thoughts.

-A spirit of unbelief can manifest in sleepiness when trying to read, blurry text, and trouble remembering what you have learned.

-A spirit of hatred is usually manifest in sudden hatred of a person(s).

The key is to ask the Lord specific questions. I encourage people to practice asking the Lord twenty questions a day, minimum.

Did you know that discernment and words of knowledge can work together? Sometimes, I will get a body impression, like a flash headache, or an ache somewhere and immediately I will ask the Lord, "Who's under attack, me or someone else?"

A sore throat can mean someone I know is under attack with a cold, or... it could mean that someone has overextended their speaking or singing voice.

You want to look for a symptom or a stream of thoughts that are not normally yours.

For example, I just got a phone call today. My girlfriend has just lost her temper with her family twice, in the last three days. She says this is so 'out of character' for her, that she's going to the doctor to make sure her blood pressure is okay.

I suggested to her that this is probably a spiritual attack and asked her if she had been praying for anyone who had an anger management problem. You see... many times when you pray for someone, the devil will try to give you the same 'problem', so you will quit praying for the person.

"No", she replied, "Not that I'm aware of."

I told her, "This is not like you."

We prayed and asked the Lord what was going on, and 'all of a sudden" she remembered something.

"We had Mike and his family over, and he's into the occult.", she blurted out.

"I am pretty sure an evil spirit hitched a ride into your home with those people.", I speculated. "When did they come over for a visit?", I asked.

"Sunday." she answered.

"And your unexplained fits of anger started on Monday.", I elaborated.

She was catching on and I was very happy for her. You have to remember that many, many Christians have not been taught on the reality of the spirit realm and how it operates.

"Now all you have to do is kick them out, in the name of Jesus.", I encouraged her.

So we commanded the evil spirits to go back to the pit of hell where they came from and I plead the blood of Jesus over my friend and her family. I loosed, in Jesus' name angels to go guard her home and family. I claimed double restoration on anything the enemy had messed up.

For the family that visited my girlfriend, I commanded that their eyes, ears and spirits would be open to hear the gospel. I asked the Lord to move in christian witnesses around them. I blessed my friend, her own family and this other family that visited her home. I broke any and all curses off of them in Jesus' name.

My girlfriend and I gave thanks for their salvation and deliverance in advance.

Does that help you to understand how evil spirits operate to harass people? We are more than conquerors through Jesus... we just have to learn how to recognize the devil's sneaky ways. (2Cor 2:14, Rom 5:17,19) Now, go practice asking the Lord questions.

(names were changed to protect people)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Help From Heaven

You know... It's been a rough week, and I just want to be with the Lord, so much. I thank God, for Jesus and for what He's done for me. There's no high like the Most High.

We are seated with Him in heavenly places, right? (Eph 2:6) Our minds, our whole beings are sanctified by the blood of the lamb, right? (1 Cor 6:11) We've been renewing our minds with the Word of God, right? (Rom 12:1-3) Our imagination is part of our mind, right?

God wants us to use our sanctified imaginations to help us dream and visualize heavenly things and the future. (Joel 2:28 & Hab 2:1-3) If Ezekiel can see visions about wheels and Paul and John can go visit Heaven, then I can too with Holy Spirit. Remember, without a vision, (or a dream), the people perish. (Prov 29:18)

"Holy Spirit. You are my guide in all areas of my life. Please show me more of heavenly things. I want to see more. Holy Spirit show me something today, please. I believe I receive in Jesus' name."

Let us pause for a moment or two.

I sense there are angels here - precious... beautiful... awesome angels.

"Lord how many are there here now?", I ask.

I sense that there are 10 now in the house; two for each person, plus a warrior angel and a communications angel.

It's been a tough week. Every thing that can be stretched has been stretched.

"What are the angels for Lord?", I wonder.

"Protection mostly." I hear the words in my mind, bubbling up from my heart.

Holiness. He's so, so... "HOLY".

Immediately, I say "Lord forgive my wrong words. I just want to soak in Your Presence so much."

Tears are starting to flow... Holy Spirit is moving in like a cloak around my shoulders.

Whoa... So precious, is one's fellowship with Holy Spirit. "Holy Spirit, you are what I'm living for. You are what I long for everyday."

I pause for a minute... just to enjoy His sweet presence.

The communication angel is saying "peace... peace... peace", and I am crying in response to the power contained in this one, single word. How the Lord hears our heart's cry, so well.

I note that the warrior angel is different from the one that helped me at the Department of Justice. He's about eight feet tall, and His wings are so huge they would fill half my living room. There is a blue glow, like a luminous mist all around him. He has got a huge sword in a sheath by his right side. It's glowing gold with jewels in it. His tunic is so brilliantly white, that I wanted to shield my eyes.

He is silent... I sense, (from Holy Spirit), that he wants a testimony, to take home to the angels.

"In Jesus' Name I release you, Angels to fight and win against the Lord's enemies," I command.

He left with a very determined look. There was no smile on this angel's face. I sure am glad that he is on our side. He has been here before, I realize.

Wow! We are never alone. Never!

"Lord, does he need help?", I ask.

"Yes, help would be nice," I hear Holy Spirit say.

"In Jesus' name, I call the angels of Heaven down through the portal I've opened with my praise and worship. Thank You, Lord, for the open Heaven here. Thank You, for the deep, deep well of your Presence that I have dug on my farm. Thank You Lord for the multitudes You are bringing here for refreshing, encouragement and sozo; everything replaced, everything fixed better than before in their lives."

The Lord says that I am supposed to share this on my blog with you. (Ha ha.) I am not crazy. I am just walking tight with a Supernatural God. I am here to testify that the Spirit realm is very, very real. It's more real than the physical realm we live in.

The communication angel just walked into the room. He is about 5'9" tall. He is the size of a large man, with no wings that I can see. He is dressed in a toga-like tunic, with a cape over his shoulders. He had the most beautiful book in his left arm and there is a pen holder on his belt. I thought at first it was for a dagger, but I see that it's for a pen-type instrument. He is motioning to me to quit typing.

He is showing me "names" in a book, and I start to blubber before I can even recognize the names he is showing me.

Every person that I have ever prayed for... every person... will be in this book.

I keep asking if I am hearing him right. It's too wonderful... too amazing.

He keeps saying it over and over... His voice is gentle, yet insistent, a baritone or bass. It is very melodious. I am having a hard time getting my mind around this. I see a picture of the Lord's hand reaching down to someone on their descent... into hell.

It's just a flash, but it leaves an indelible imprint. He means this.

The angel is turning the page in the book that he is holding. A breeze began as he did this. He's reaching for my hand. As my hand touched the page of the book, I felt a rush of air that enveloped me. It "is", as he said.

It is true! Hallelujah! The "man" that has been on my heart, that just committed suicide, is in Heaven. Hallelujah! It is giving me such peace and comfort to know this!

I find myself taking deep breaths, as I revel in the wonder of these new truths. It is taking me a while to compose myself...

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for opening my eyes to see wonderful things in Your Word and in the spirit.

I bless you as you go. I decree that you walk in an open Heaven with Holy Spirit and that he is going to show you how to walk in Heaven while you walk the Earth.

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson
P.S. Thanks for reading!

Tough Times

When Times are tough that's the time to run to God. I've learned the hard way. It took me many tough times to learn to make the effort to run to God, when the devil and all your circumstances are saying God's let you down. I exhort you to make every opportunity to get into the presence of God, at church and at home, through the word and praise and worship, because God is not mad at you.

Seriously, God will never be angry with anyone ever again. All his anger was poured out on Jesus at the Cross of Calvary. He sees you through the blood of His son Jesus. You never did anything to earn His love and you can't mess up enough to stop him from loving you. You see, He is love. Love that never quits, that never stops hoping, that always sees the best in you and me. (1Cor.13:4-8)

You can mess up twenty times a day and He'll say, "Okay, here's the plan for the 21st try." His love conquers through us and somehow, as we choose to stay tight with Him, we give off the most beautiful fragrance. A beautiful flower gives off the most delectable perfume when it is crushed. (ref. 2Cor 2:14)

Let me say it again. He's your best and fastest way out of the mess you are in. Wallowing in self pity only prolongs the mess, because you are focused on yourself and not God.

So let's quit blaming God because it didn't turn out the way WE wanted. Ouch, I know that hurts - but it's the truth isn't it?

Turn to him and He'll guide you step by step through the valley to the other side.
Easier said than done right? I know all about it.

Some of the questions I asked were, "Why did you allow this to happen Lord? Why didn't you stop it? Don't you love me?"

These are all questions that we ask when the bottom falls out in our lives, and they are very real, hard questions. God doesn't mind hard questions, as long as we are willing to hear His answers, so I've learned to be listen for His answers.

I love something that Graham Cooke said, "God allows in his wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power." That saying has helped me to regain a better attitude.

Some better questions to ask are,"Lord, how do you want to reveal yourself to me in this circumstance? Lord, what do you want to teach me through this? Lord, what are you trying to impart to me so that I'll grow in my trust and confidence in You?"

I know from experience that He'll guide you step by step through the valley to the other side.
It's helpful to think of it as a course correction in your life, so that you can be more of the person God has dreamed you to be.

Remember... change is not always bad, it can lead to some great opportunities. You don't know what dream God had for you, that will make you so fulfilled as a person, that He's working on right now.

You can trust His heart. He's working through your circumstances. Again, I've got to say, you can trust His heart. He loves you so much that He gave up his 'darling' for you... yes for you. The darling of Heaven crucified for you. He gave his greatest treasure up for you.

Now go! Run into His arms, where you belong. He's been waiting for you, looking down the road, hoping you would come back, just like the prodigal son's father. Go, and be blessed in His love.

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Women Teaching And Preaching? Sure!

I'm writing this because I was told eight years ago that women couldn't minister. Didn't I know that women were supposed to be quiet and learn? I was told I could share testimonies on a certain web site but that I could not share with people how to get the same results. Of course I stopped writing immediately. In hind sight I realize that this was what the devil wanted. So I've started writing again.

You see, my dad raised me to believe that I could do anything for a living. I was always trying to help my Dad, whether it was fixing the car or building something downstairs. It was my Dad who suggested I go into Engineering studies at University. My dad believed in me.

In Western society we've come to realize that women can be good engineers, doctors, lawyers and executives. And yes, they can be good preachers. That's why these unfair judgments or shackles hurt so much.

Thank God for moms. She gave me a book titled "Why not Women?" by Loren Cunningham, (the Director of Youth With A Mission) and David Joel Hamilton. That book helped me so much. Husbands get it for your wives. Fathers get it for your daughters. It's that simple. Let me share what impacted me the most, and I didn't read the whole book. (Oops!)

This book helped explain how Paul was a woman's best friend because, in a cultural time when woman were not taught anything, he told the men to teach their wives. "Paul was encouraging the women in their desire to learn. He was urging them not to stay on the sidelines but to equip themselves for full participation in the Body of Christ! These words were a radical break with all the surrounding cultures." (pg 201)

I also found out that in a cultural time when a woman's only expression was to moan or wail in services he asked that they be quiet. (1Cor 14:34) I completely understand this. The women had no freedom to praise and worship or say 'Hallelujah!' or shout 'Amen!' in a service. They were only allowed to "moan or make ululations, which are high-pitched cries." (pg 197) Talk about shackles!

Well, guess what? Jesus took our shackles off two thousand years ago and Paul confirmed this freedom we now have, when he said that 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Gal. 3:28).

So why do men keep putting these shackles on us? Ignorance, insecurity, pride who knows?

It's time we educated ourselves. Time is running out fast and the devil has hamstrung 60% of the body of Christ with this false teaching. Therefore, I am going to make up for lost time.

Fast tract 5 years. I'd started street preaching and was learning by the seat of my pants. A friend of mine told me about his pastor who also street preached and I was so excited to meet him. I finally got the opportunity and you know what? He didn't want to even sit with me for a tea or coffee, because I was a woman preacher.

"Where's your husband?", he asked me. Can you believe it? He asked this in the 21st century no less.

This preacher was referring to 2 Tim 2:12 where it says "But I suffer not a woman to teach,". Paul made this troubling statement and it's been taken out of context for 2,000 years. I am not a Greek scholar, but if you translate the verses properly, and not out of context, the scholars can see that this verse was directed to one woman, who was probably responsible for the heretical teaching in the Ephesian church. (reference pg. 213)

This is also backed up by Paul's words in 2Tim 2:22 "And these things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable [persons, that is, men and women] who will also be qualified to teach others." (pg 221)

Let's go back to this preacher's question about my husband. Now anyone that knows my husband, is aware that he is an introvert. He once told me that if there was an introverts society he'd be the president and the phone number would be unlisted. Face it, not everyone is cut from the same cloth and not everyone is going to be thrilled to go street preaching.

My husband is very happy about me going out and preaching and he gives me lots of current event material to tie in to the gospel message -- but him speak publicly? It's not going to happen without a miracle.

I once brought him up in front of a congregation where I was sharing on evangelism and afterwords he told me not to do that again. All I did was introduce him as "my handsome husband!"

Now you can see why I thought this street preacher was way off the mark. He had a heart to get people saved, God bless him for that. I just would have thought that he'd be happy for some help!

I've learned that if you want to do a good work for the Lord, persecution and opposition will come and sometimes it's surprising which quarter it comes from.

Finally, my advice to you is witness, share, testify and preach about our Lord and His gospel as often as you can. Do not let someone silence you, with their condemning words, like I was. I am going to make up for lost time. I have so many testimonies that I have written down in my journals and I am going to post them on this blog site. Plus, I fully intend to tell you how I got these results. I will share all my bloopers too, because you learn more from your mistakes than your successes, right? Right! Holy Spirit is such an encourager and He is so helpful. When you realize how much you are loved, it's easy to be real and share your bloopers.

Right now, I bless you In Jesus Name with the "spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;" (Is.11:2) May you know HIM in a greater way today and every day this year, in Jesus' name!

Till the nets are full,

Brenda Gale Thompson

Friday, January 16, 2009


God wants You!

I think it's so amazing that GOd wants to use us, right where we are, right now. You might be wondering how God could use you and I hope to answer that question.

In Romans Chapter 12, the apostle Paul writes "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, Holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship. So every day I say something like "Here am I Lord. If you need someone please use me." It works. I can't begin to tell you the wonderful things that have happened over the years. I give him all the Glory!

The next thing to do is to ask the Lord for his love because our love is so weak. In Romans 5:5 we read...."And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love, into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." So every day, sometimes many times a day I ask the Lord to shed his love abroad in my heart because let's face it,,, some people are hard to love!

After that I ask the Lord for his angels to protect me all day long (ref. Psalm 91) There's so many things that could happen and I want his protection on me and my loved ones and the people I encounter in my day.
That reminds me of something the Lord taught me. I was very young in the Lord and had just heard that we have angels assigned to us all our lives. So that night before I went to bed I asked the Lord if I had kept my angels busy that day. "Not really." he replied. So I asked the lord to show me how to keep them busy. That led me to learn about intercessory prayer and how prayer is the mightiest weapon. Hallelujah! Months later I asked the Lord "Am I keeping my angels busy?" and He said "Yes." I asked the Lord "How many angels can I have? and he replied, "As many as you will keep busy." WOW! That excited me. So Praise God, keep your angels busy. The Bible says that they hearken to the voice of his word and since we are the ones speaking his word on the earth, right now they'll listen to you as your prayers line up with Heaven. Pretty amazing eh? It gets better!

You might be thinking Where can I go? Easy! You don't have to go far to find people that don't know the Lord. The first way the Lord told me to go was to live conscious of Him all the time. I keep in touch with him many times a day. Just tell Him "Lord, I love you. Did I tell you that today?" He Loves hearing that. He loves to fellowship with us all day long. He is always looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. As we do this Holy Spirit hovers around us and the people around us get a taste of heaven whether it be at work, school, in the grocery store, at the gas station, in the bus, everywhere we are.

That reminds me of a time before I got saved when I was riding a bus. I was searching at that time and I couldn't help but notice an older man on the bus because his countenance glowed. I couldn't stop looking at him he was so full of joy and peace. I wanted what he had so bad but I didn't have the guts to go ask him what made him shine. So remember, just because you can't see the glory of God on your face doesn't mean that God can't highlight you for someone else when He needs to. And the next time you spend some time praising and worshiping the Lord take a good look in the mirror afterwards. You'll start to see glory in your eyes.. Amazing eh? That's how it starts. We are changed from Glory to glory as we behold him. (2 Cor. 3:16-18)

Bless You!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Missed It Today

It's -22 degrees C outside.

I stayed home today and got a lot of chores done.

I listened to Joseph Prince, as I was baking for the family. I then had to pick up my daughter from work, and on the way, I thought "What tracts do I have handy?"

I located two tracks in the dash of the car, that have proven themselves to be very effective in the past, so I thought that was great! It was the perfect tool of evangelism to give out to someone who is searching, and knows not, what they are searching for in life.

When I was picking up my daughter, I forgot to get out of my car, in the parking lot. Normally, I ask the Lord, "Who's ready for a tract?" then I go talk to them, or put a tract under their windshield if they are not there.

We went and got gas on the way home, and I struck up a conversation with the gas attendant about money and post-secondary school options.

You know, I completely forgot to ask him, if he had thought about Heaven and where he would want to go when he died. I had the perfect opportunity to share with him... I just didn't think about it.

This is a reminder to me, that we have to do witnessing on purpose. The enemy does not want us to share anything about the Gospel, with anybody... plain and simple.

I want to be better prepared when I leave the house next time. I think a reminder placed by my keys, or by the front door, that says "Give out a tract!", would aid me. Maybe leaving a couple of tracts out on the passenger seat of my car, would help me not to forget them as I go about my errands.

I will definitely put "giving out tracts" on my daily prayer list, so that I don't miss future opportunities.

Bless you!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

How Evangelism Started With Me

This is about how the passion for evangelism was birthed in me....

I have always been involved in prayer groups, meetings, etc. and of course we always pray that people would come to know the Lord.

Well, one day the Lord told me to do something about it.

"Me?", I questioned.

"Yes.", He responded firmly.

He then directed me to Matthew 10, where it says "freely you have received, freely give."

Okay....I thought. "What can I give?"

The Lord immediately replied, "Give them my love."

This simple statement led me to question how I could, since I was far from perfect, and I had no training. The Lord reminded me of Luke 9 where He sent out the twelve disciples in ministry, and how they were not perfect in anyone's estimation. Then, in Luke 10, He sent out the 72 followers to do good works, and they were not perfect, either.

I therefore, concluded that being "perfect" or "trained" was not mandatory. So, I signed up to be a worker for Him!

After all, Jesus said, in Luke 10:2, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go!...".

When Jesus said "Go!", He was talking to his imperfect disciples. I realized that the Lord does not want me praying, if I am not willing to go myself.

Thus began a great adventure learning how to be His hands and feet and mouth in this world.  I hope you are encouraged by my little articles to step out of your comfort zone and touch your world for the Lord.

Bless you!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

What This Blog Is For...

This blog is to encourage you to get involved with God's Great Commission. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of ways to witness or live as a christian, just my life and what has worked for me.

God loves us with an everlasting love!

Evangelism is God's idea so we can expect His help. He wants us to have exciting lives with Him and I hope that as I share my adventures you'll be empowered to launch out and have some adventures yourself!

You are Blessed in HIM!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson