Thursday, July 17, 2014

Prophetic Awareness

 It's important to be aware of the snares if we want to operate in prophesy in the body of Christ.  
A lady I know of started out in prophesy by asking God for an encouraging word for whoever she saw.  Then she would just share whatever popped into her head.   This might seem overly simple but at the time she was very young and had childlike faith.  She knew this voice in her head.  
She wasn't taught to take thoughts captive which probably got her into trouble a few times because not every thought that pops into your head is from God.  On the contrary, we are to measure each and every thought and word by the fruit of it.  Phil 4:8 is a good measuring stick.  If it's kind, considerate, loving, encouraging, uplifting, praiseworthy, noble.... those are the thoughts that are okay to share.
If you get something that seems like a half criticism you would be better not to share it and just pray for the person.   
If you have a hard time taking correction and have a favorite excuse that you like to use to render ineffective all the advice you get. Beware!  There is a strong probability you are operating with a haughty spirit.   This is one of the masks of a python spirit and it will taint you. 
The masks of a python spirit are divination, neocramancy, haughtiness, pride.  When you have a hard time saying, "I'm sorry," to anyone, especially loved ones there is a very good chance that you are operating in pride.  The wisdom of God is first peacable, loving, full of good fruit, impartial, easy to be entreated.  
When your excuse not to do anthing anyone suggests is, "God told me" beware.  This can easily be an excuse to operate in a contolling spirit, especially if you had security issues as a child.

New Life Awaits

New Life awaits us...

When I lost most of my hours at the Library January 2014, due to cut backs I asked the Lord what to do and I heard him say, "Start painting and I'll open a door."  I was a bit upset at the time because I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills but I started painting our house in obedience.

Then our dog went into heat and I got the okay to breed her.  Four healthy puppies were born two months later!

I was able to sell the puppies to great people who liked the Boston Terrier breed and that helped a lot with the bills.

Then my daughter needed help in Edmonton.  I went to get her in April  using my air miles to fly out and we drove back during the Easter weekend.  God was orchestrating it all, hallelujah!

My daughter dared me to apply to some jobs out in Edmonton as we were chatting on the way back to Ontario.  So I started looking and applied for a couple of QA positions and a couple of bus driving positions.

Meanwhile at home I was still painting, to the point where I now had only  5 rooms left in the house to paint.
Freshly painted

I got a call from a bus company out West that interviewed me on the phone.  Then they asked for job references.  I gave them mine and prayed for favor from my bosses.

I did deviate from painting the house too.  I got tired of all the work and painted some water color exercises.

I had lots of fun this winter!

The house was completely painted by the time I passed my drug test and gave 2 weeks notice.  Amazing!  God knew what was coming down the pipe and got me ready before I even knew what it was.

My husband freaked out when I got the job, but oh well.   Dreams cost money and retirement isn't in the Bible -- enough said.

I want to encourage you to follow the nudges of Holy Spirit.  He's so patient with us and he knows the end from the beginning.  If you will attempt to follow his voice he will tell you when you head off in the wrong direction.  He is forever faithful and extremely patient with us!

As I look through all my pics from the last year or so I can't believe how much my life has changed.  Only God could do something so wonderful!  And I am content!  I can feel Holy Spirit's pleasure that I'm here -- 3 provinces away from my previous home.  It doesn't make sense but it's true.  Holy Spirit led living is the best!

Have a great day with HIM!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson