Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So You Are Excited About Reaching Out...

I wrote a little note to a friend who was all excited about getting out in her neighborhood in her part of the world to make a difference for Jesus by herself. She was very excited about her new commitment to the Lord, but was unsure of how to deal with her fear issues, which is very understandable.

Jesus sent them two by two. So if at all possible go out with another believer. Until then, you can pray that the Lord will give you a prayer partner and witness wherever you go... ad lib.

Ask the Lord to bring to you someone who will pray with you. Ask the Lord for opportunities to witness every day, every where you go.

We want to take Baby Steps of Obedience. I hear your heart sister and if you start now, you will make a huge difference for the Lord.

So lets fight fear by building up your inner man with scripture confessions like:

"Thank You Jesus, that you arm me with strength and power and you make my way perfect." 2Sam.22:33

"Thank You Jesus, that you haven't given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control." 2Tim.1:7

Thank You Jesus that I'm bold as a lion, because I'm righteous. Prov.28:1
Thank You Jesus that Your love is shed abroad in my heart by Holy Spirit." Rom. 5:5

Thank you Lord that you've given your angels charge over me and my family. Ps. 91

You'll Find other scriptures as you read your bible that will help you so that you are not in fear anymore but "strong in the Lord and His mighty power."

Start where you are with the situation you are in. We all grow by baby steps. Ha ha! How many times do babies fall down when they are learning to walk? I can't count.

Maybe the first thing to do is pray till His compassion and love drives out the fear in you and you have His heart for the people. Romans 5:5 says that His love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord if that makes sense for you.

Have fun with the Lord. Keep asking lots of questions. That's the best way to learn Holy Spirit's voice.

Whose Report Will You Believe?

I fractured my right wrist June 26th in a freak accident that shouldn't have happened. I spent a few hours in emergency and was x-rayed and my right arm was put in a cast.

My arm swelled up as soon as the ice was gone and by the next day I had to have it recast because it was cutting off the circulation in my hand.

I had a couch ministry for a week. I was in so much pain all I could do was keep going over my scripture confession sheets and rest. I cut way back on my food intake because I didn't want to gain weight.

By the third week of having a cast on it was really loose and I was learning how to eat and write with my left hand. It was quite the learning curve and I found it very humbling. I was keeping my chin up and trying to make lemonade out of my lemons but it was tough. I even started watching movies again, something I haven't done in years.

I did help with the hay by driving a tractor and baler and I did help put square bales in the barn when the kids were getting frustrated at having to work. I figured if I was working with one hand, they could do it with two hands. It worked! We got it done before it rained and I wasn't sore for very long afterwords.

I was able to slip off my cast to get the hay out and then I put it back on. Mean while I was working my faith over time. I got all my friends to agree with me that by His stripes I was healed. (Isa. 53:3-5)

A girlfriend gave me some dvd's by great preacher Dave Hockaday and I watched them and built up my faith.

Well, I guess I took off my cast one too many times to air my sweaty, smelly arm because my daughter Tricia started playing with my cast and she got the bandages on the inside all twisted up. I couldn't get my hand back in that cast no matter how hard I tried! I felt like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar!

I got a wrist brace to fix my predicament and to keep my family pacified. It worked well.

A few days later a friend told me that I should get x-rays on it so that I could get confirmation it was healed and then go start physio therapy.

So I went to emergency at the local hospital and waited 5 hours only to hear that my wrist had not healed at all. I asked to see the x-rays and she showed me the break. I said, "That can't be right. Look how I can move my hand around," I exclaimed and demonstrated.

She wouldn't listen to me and put on another tight cast. I couldn't hold my arm across my chest to keep it elevated so while it was setting I broke the arm edge so it wouldn't pinch so bad.

I was upset to say the least. 4.5 weeks in a loose cast that I told the specialist was loose and he said it was okay! Now the emergency room doctor is saying it hasn't healed at all?!

I went home and called my mom. I told her that I wanted to cry. I've got on my third cast. It's itchy already and I know that "By His stripes I was healed!" All I could do was keep standing on the Word of God.
I told everybody that this was a test and I was going to pass it. Holy Spirit kept saying to me, "Whose report will you believe?" All I could do was sing back to Him, "We will believe the report of the Lord."

As an act of faith I started to pray for other people that had broken arms or bone problems whenever I would feel and ache or pain myself. I didn't know exactly who else I was praying for, but it sure felt good to knock the devil back a loop or two.

That third cast started falling apart around my hand pretty fast and it was only a day or two and I pulled it off. The splint wrist brace was much more comfortable and I could wash it when my arm got all sweaty.

Two days before I was to go to the orthopedic specialist I was worshiping and spending time alone with the Lord. This had been a tough thing for me to do as disappointment stole my desire for fellowship with Holy Spirit. Also, it sure didn't help that my house was so busy. In desperation I cut off a girlfriend on the phone saying, "I've only got half an hour before the house gets busy again. I need to go worship and hear from the Lord."

Thank God for understanding girlfriends. She said she would pray for me and let me go.
Holy Spirit was right there, as soon as I started to sing. (You can't tell me it doesn't help to have friends who know how to get a hold of God!) Holy Spirit downloaded some things to me and when I just thought about my wrist I felt Holy Spirit say, "None issue."

I wanted to laugh. It might have seemed like a non issue for Him, but this wrist was messing up all my summer activities and job hunting to boot!

Never the less, I held onto that word and kept it close to my heart. I didn't even tell anybody. I couldn't risk another disappointment at that time.

I did get two girlfriends to agree with me that the x-ray would give a correct result and that there would be no mistakes. I also prayed for favor with the doctor regarding my lack of a cast.

I went to the specialist in the city by myself. I didn't want to hear another, "I told you so," if the x-ray results were bad.

The specialist didn't say anything about me not having a cast on -- he just sent me for an x-ray to see how I was progressing.

I got back and he told me, "Okay you are good to start physio therapy and make sure that splint is off for good in a week... 10 days tops."

I replied, "Everything's okay?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Do you know that they told me last week in Arnprior that my wrist hadn't started healing at all?", I asked.

Dead silence. He just looked at me.

"Okay, I'm good to go then?" I asked.

Yes, go start physio," he said.

I walked out of his office and it hit me as I was going out of the hospital. Just like Holy Spirit said-- it was a 'non issue.'

I don't know what happened in that week between the emergency room doctor's report and the specialist's report but I know who who gets the Glory! Jesus! You are awesome and I magnify Your Holy Name! Great things You have done for your little girl!

Let me pray for you now:   "Lord what You have done for me I freely give away.  Let the person reading this be ignited with fresh faith to believe You and Your report over any other.  I loose the Joy of the Lord for their journey and I declare and decree that they are fully satisfied in this lifetime.  Every God given dream come back to life now!  Every place where hope deferred has stolen from them, be healed now, in Jesus' name!  Amen!  You are blessed and a blessing wherever you go and you make a difference for God today. Amen!"

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale