Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hi there.   I have had several people ask me about their personal scrolls and how to read them. As far as I know there is no quick answer to that.

Desire is the key to all Heavenly/Kingdom encounters.  So I am determined to stay hungry and to make a difference in any way I can.   The Lord told me that mobilizing his angelic armies was a big help to Him... so I desire to see His angels busy...

I once asked about reading my scroll and the Lord said that as I prayed the Lords prayer (Your will be done and your Kingdom come) over my self and offered myself a living sacrifice (with no agenda) to him, that I was doing what was on my scroll. Hallelujah!

See the Lord knows what's on each of our scrolls and if you knew ahead of time there's a good chance it would freak you out and you would run the other way.  I know I've been freaked out by some of the visions I've had of the future.   As we pursue him and surrender our gates; mind, will, emotions, desires, past, present, future etc... we are pliable and His will and his plans are accomplished in our lives.

So I trust Him.  He's promised to work all things together to my good and His word says that He has exalted his word above his name. Plus He's said that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived the things that God has planned for us.  That's good enough for me.

I just step in and ask what He would like to do today.  He knows if my heart needs healing.  He knows what's coming down the pipe and how to prepare me for greater victories.  He's trustworthy!

So have fun stepping in by faith... Ask the Lord to help you get rid of any hindrances to walking by faith in the Spirit. I pray for joy in your journey with Him.

P.S. Ian Clayton has some great teaching on dividing your soul and spirit and cleansing your gates.  His website is www.sonofthunder.org 

Be blessed!
Brenda Gale Thompson

Monday, February 2, 2015

Court of Angels

This morning I stepped into Heaven by faith as I normally do and after I put on my robe of righteousness (Heb. 4:16, Zech. 3:1-7)  and other articles He's given me I got a big hug, then felt Jesus ask me to go to the Angel's court again. 

So by faith I took a big step and I was in the waiting room between our realm, the Angel's realm and the court.   My angel Justice was there and the door posts had all these little angel feathers with eyes in them.   The only difference was that there were lots of angels standing around and they got excited when I showed up.  All of a sudden there was a big cheer as I made my way to the Courtroom door.  It made me cry,,, they were so happy to see me going to court again.

There wasn't a petitioner there so I was granted immediate access.  Michael, Gabriel and Raphael nodded to me and Michael spoke up asking what I wanted.   I said, "I just want to help."  They took out a scroll with the list of all the scrolls I've been given and and asked if I was sure that I wanted more responsibility.

"Yes," I said.   I was given a scroll for Brazil and the angel that I would be communicating with was named "Treasure".  Interesting name.  I wasn't told if he was a prince warring angel or not...

My thoughts went to all the angels standing around in the anteroom waiting and I asked if I could release those angels to go get their testimonies and to fulfill their destinies.

I saw a sigh on Gabriel's lips and they reluctantly said in unison, "No." They are waiting for the right people to come ask.

I left the room and I told the angels waiting that I would spread the word so more Sons and daughters would come visit the angel's court.

So let me give you a good picture so you can use your imagination  and go there.

It's really easy to access.  You just ask!  You first Step in boldly through the rent curtain in the holy of holies  and receive your robe of righteousness. Then when you're ready  ask!  What I've learned to recognize is what I'll share so you can develop your own pathway to this court.

There's a room about the size of a big gym and the door you go into is on the long wall, closest to you. There are small angel's feathers with eyes in them all along the door frame and they can see you and they are so soft to touch.  There is a door on the opposite long wall in the left corner that I've seen the angels come through.  I'm not allowed through that door.  That door leads to the angel's realm.  The door can grow larger for the big angels to come through.

The angel's court is straight across and has big brown doors that open towards you.  Inside it's like a regular court room with three angels...     I just petition whoever they point me to and then they decide. They always give me a scroll and then it's my job to bring it down from heaven and show the scroll whenever the devil challenges my authority. It's that simple.

If I am slow to release the angels in the morning, one of my angels will come nudge me or just say 'Hello' and I'll know okay.... Let's get all you guys busy.   They are so happy when we give them stuff to do.  They wait for us to decree things.  They wait for Holy Spirit inspired words to come out of our mouths!   Truly, there's no life like it!

I have an angel here with me now, helping me to write this. I hope I've made it clear enough for you to use as a launching point for your own encounters.   We do it all by faith.  Our imaginations are sanctified by the blood of Jesus and we've cleaned our memories from the garbage we've seen over the years and I know that  you can do this!  God wants this for you so much!

So go for it!   Let's keep all of God's armies busy.  I'll never forget how, when I was a baby christian (so many years ago), praying for all the guys in my Engineering class, God told me that I could have as many angels as I would keep busy! Really!  As many angels as I would keep busy! He's faithful!  He wants you to keep many, many angels busy too! 

Therefore, I release faith to believe all of God's promises to you and the desire and persistence to get all that God has prepared for you.   Truly, "We will not falter or be discouraged until His justice is established in the whole earth...!" (Is. 42:4)

Have a great day with Him!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson