Saturday, November 29, 2014

Almost Six Months!

Almost six months since I started this job in a remote camp in Northern Alberta.  I have survived and even flourished in many ways.

I have learned to appreciate space more as I live in a 8x11 ft room.  I have learned to value the people that God puts in my path.  They all have something to offer that I can learn about.

I have started learning a new craft called Antique Rug Hooking that is very interesting and I started taking a course to upgrade my skills and open up  new career paths.

I moved my daughter out to Edmonton in July, my son out in August and I moved most of my things out in early October.  We got a 3 bedroom townhouse  in Edmonton in August that we really like. I brought two of my Boston Terriers out with me in October too, so they add a lot of personalty and laughter to the home.

Also, I have been feasting at the Lord's table and stepping into Heaven many times a day.  I have even been able to lead others into encounters in Heaven, which has been a great blessing to me.

All in all,,,,, life is good!  Not what I expected -- but good none the less.

When God says He'll make a way,,, He really means it!  We can trust Him!  We really can!

Have a great day with Him... knowing he has your best interests at heart.

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson