Thursday, June 9, 2011

Desperation for Him

There was a young boy crying out at one of the services last week.  He was wailing for more of God for almost a half hour off key yelling, "I love you God! I want you God!"  I could feel God" presence all around me and many others were getting touched by Holy Spirit, but this little fellow was so distraught that he was oblivious to it all. I could feel his throat starting to get sore and the frustration in his voice as I started to pray for him.

You see, that used to be me. For years I cried out for more of God because I didn't know what else to do.  I was so desperate for more of Him.  "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney really kindled the fire in me even more. Unfortunately no one told me the next step.  I stumbled upon it when I heard an off-hand comment by a preacher.

"Everything in the Kingdom of God works, or is accessed by faith."  Holy Spirit enunciated His words and it kept reverberating through me.  I asked Him what to do when this desperate hunger came upon me and nothing would satisfy.  Holy Spirit told me to go to the next step, which was to believe I received, regardless of what I felt at that moment.

That is not an easy thing to do when your flesh is all worked up.  You have to quiet yourself if you want to hear His gentle voice. Elijah the prophet was hoping God would talk to him in the storm or the wind, but no... it was the quiet, gentle voice.

So this little guy was getting caught up in a frustrating cycle just like I had been.  God was all around and he was basically oblivious.   My heart went out to him.   I laid a hand on his back and prayed for peace and that God would show him the next step.

We owe it to people to not leave them frustrated. I got so exasperated with seeking God that I chose not to, for a time, because the emotional upheaval was exhausting and I felt so unfulfilled.  

Now I know better.  When the desperate cry of hunger comes on me, I cry out to Jesus, break open my alabaster box of worship and adoration and then calm myself at Holy Spirit's lead to receive whatever He wants me to receive.   It can be a hug, a hint of His presence, a bubbling joy, an impression or a  word of knowledge.  I just receive it all as a gift from Him.

May you always find Him and never leave a worship service frustrated. He is closer than you know. He has promised that those who seek will find Him when they search for Him with all their hearts.  The next time you feel totally frustrated with crying out, ask Holy Spirit if it's time to stand still,  then quiet yourself and believe you receive by faith.  Then ask Holy Spirit to open up your spiritual senses so you can receive even more.

Let me pray for you now. "I bless you in Jesus' Name.  May the zeal of the Lord consume you. May you always be passionate for His presence.  May you discover keys to walk in His presence more and more every day, every where you go. Amen!"

You are blessed and highly favored by the greatest King of all, Jesus!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Break my Heart

 Break my heart... Huh?  Those are dangerous words. Are you wondering why I'm writing this?
 I am writing this because I saw a lady today crossing a parking lot with a decided limp and I didn't do anything about it!

What's wrong with me?  I was sitting in my car, waiting for my daughter to finish work and I had nothing  to do.   She walked haltingly into the McDonalds and I wondered what had happened to her but didn't think to go pray for her.  A few minutes later she came out with her McDonalds with her little bag of fast food and she stopped by to comment about my dog Scoobie.  Just a few seconds... but if I had been with it, I would have capitalized on the opportunity to ask her about her back.

What bugs me the most is that I used to do this kind of thing all the time and I saw many people touched by God.

I am thinking that I am too complacent. It's almost like a sleepiness is trying to come over me so that I slip into apathy.  Been there, done that...  almost a boredom.   I cannot allow this to happen! It doesn't get any better than seeing Heaven manifest on the earth!

Jesus paid such a huge price for me to have the power of God flowing through my hands and words.

"Lord, please break my heart with the things that break Yours.  Help me to keep my heart tender to hear Your  gentle voice. I humble myself under Your mighty hand. Forgive me of all the opportunities I have wasted and give me another chance.  Help me not to spend my days frivolously.  Guide me to the right teaching and show me how to keep Your fire burning all the time. I decree that I am on fire for You forever and that I am bold because I am righteous and that I capitalize on opportunities to share and pray for people.  Let Your kingdom come in my life and Your will be done in my life today. Amen!"

May we always be passionate for our Lord and Savior! Amen!

Bless you!
Brenda Gale Thompson

Open Heaven then What?

The visiting Evangelist told us  that we have an open Heaven over our church. I have heard this before from other visiting leaders and I know we do.

So what do we do next?  How do we get it to spread?  That's what I am asking the Lord these days. This move of God has got to get outside of the church walls!

It is nice that people are experiencing visions and supernatural encounters and yes people are getting saved and healed, but something in me is not satisfied.  There is a longing inside me for more, for something deeper.   He has promised that if we would seek him that we would find him when we seek Him with all our hearts.

So I am going to continue seeking Him every day and  I will record the songs He gives me and write down all the visions He shows me.

If you are hungry for more than pray with me, "Lord we want more of You in our lives because nothing else matters,  You said that the pure in heart would see Your face, so we are coming.  We determine to surrender all for You, for Your presence and for Your pleasure.  May we bless Your heart today Lord.  Holy Spirit help us to hear Your precious voice and give us determination to obey you at all cost. Amen"

Bless you!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson