Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Religious Spirit

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I was at the garage minding my own business when another driver asked about spiritual stuff.  I mentioned a few things I had seen and another fellow joined the conversation and said that I was full of demons. Bad thing to say to this lady!

I asked him how he knew that? He replied that "Healing has passed away and that if I was seeing demons on people then I was demonized."   I was stunned!  How could you ever think that?  That's ignorance gone to seed!

So the first thing I told him was that Healing was in the Old Testament and the new Testament and that the disciples were commanded to go heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and cleanse the lepers in Matthew 10:8, long before Holy Spirit was given. (ref. Isa. 53:5, 1Pet.2:24)

As for being demonized  I doubt it as "a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand."  Jesus's own words!(Matt. 12:25)

Also, I explained to him how I saw stuff (occasionally) before I got saved but it was always demonic and it freaked me out.  I didn't want to see!  Fast forward to me becoming a Christian and getting filled with Holy Spirit inside of me and its a brand new world! Holy Spirit has helped me to see more stuff and guided me into greater truths so I can help more people.

In addition,  it's a fact that some psychics can see, just like seer gifted Christians can see in the spirit realm... The BIG difference is your source.  Is God guiding you or satan/lucifer/familiar spirit guiding you? That's the right question to ask!

So unfortunately this supposed Christian has believed a lot of junk and not read his Bible.   Like so many others with a religious spirit he has become totally ineffective at advancing the kingdom of God.  Imagine he wouldn't even vote!  Completely giving up on his right to influence society in a Godly way.

The icing on the cake was that he kept asking me who the first angel was... Like who cares?  What are you doing with your life to make a difference for God?  That's what really matters!

I was so not impressed with this fellow!   I told him, "Right...you sit here, in your little bubble waiting for the rapture and you are totally ineffective at advancing the Kingdom of God."  He got really upset at that.  So I asked him,  When was the last time you prayed for somebody and they got healed?  When was the last time you  introduced someone to Jesus.  When was the last time you prayed and demons fled?

The poor fellow that listened to us didn't know what to think!  When I told him about certain people not being allowed on my bus because of the demons in them  he really got interested.  Then I told him about the lady that found me after 3 or 4 weeks and she was so excited because her husband had finally been properly diagnosed after I prayed and was out of the  hospital feeling so much better.

So I know which bus the listening fellow wants to be on!  LOL....   As for the other guy.... what a waste.

Life is too short. I want to make a difference every day for the Lord.   Like I've said before  my usual prayer is, "Lord here I am. Please use me today!"

Anyhow... Thanks for reading... I needed to vent a bit, LOL.  May you have courage to pray that kind of prayer and follow Holy Spirit's nudges... It's definitely a life worth living!

Big hugs and blessings,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Angelic Court

Hi There....   Just a quick note.   I posted on my blog about going to the Angelic Court.... I was then asked several times to lead a group in going there..

I really didn't have peace to do that so I declined....  I felt bad but had to obey the Lord... Turns out that Ian taught about the Courts and he said the first thing to do is to cleanse your imagination.

To do that we say Jesus, Jesus... and wait till we sense Holy Spirit .  Then we tell the Lord that we've seen this and don't want it in our memory banks.  Then we Ask the Lord to forgive us  (don't give the devil a man to fight with),  and then ask the Lord to cleanse our imaginations.   He might show you a picture about this.

Then we step back physically and release the glory/victory that we have received. Pic by picture this is how it's done.  Trust me... so many times I would be seeking the Lord and all this junk would come up... That's because the devil doesn't want you receiving anything from Heaven!  So agree with God and cleanse your imagination..... And I bet Holy Spirit will show you what not to watch in the future! LOl.

Finally, remember it's all done by faith.   We do it by faith enough and then God gives us the reality of what we are doing.  Hallelujah!  Takes time for some of us to have our eyes opened  and that's okay!  I was a logical thinker too!

You can look up some great teaching about the mobile court on youtube too. 

Have a great day!

Brenda Gale Thompson

Tool Box Faith!

Hi again.    I was thinking about how much I missed my tools from back home since I moved.   Seems like I'm always needing another tool.   The hardware stores love me I'm sure!

Anyhow... There's a good analogy there.  The Bible is a tool box full of tools and each promise is a tool.   Now you can have that tool box in your garage for years and not know how to use those tools or even know what they are called, right?  Right!  Just ask  around...

In the same way we have tons of tools in the word of God but we don't know what they are or what they can do for us!   It isn't until we have a need and someone comes to help us that we realize what we have in our tool box!  

And I can also tell you that when I tried to learn how to use some of the tools in the garage I made a lot of mistakes. I bet you can relate to that too!

It's the same with the word of God!  We have all these wonderful promises (tools) at our disposal, but if we don't take the time to learn about these promises and what they can do for us we'll never get good at using them and we'll never get the jobs done! 

Tell you what!  I want to learn how to use all the tools in my tool box!  I want to be comfortable in anyone's garage!  I want to be able to recognize an angle grinder or a tap and die set because you'll never know when you might run into a situation where you need to know how to use them!

I especially want to know how to use a hammer  because God says his word is like a fire and a hammer that smashes the rocks into pieces!  Yeah God!   (ref. Jer. 23:29)

I want to know how to use various screw drivers, vice grips etc., etc.,  You get my point?

For the men.... pretend it's the kitchen tools that you need to learn how to use!  Same difference. 

God wants us proficient as using all his promises and tools!

Anyhow... I'm rambling, LOL

Have a great day!
Brenda Gale Thompson

Real Faith?

God is no respecter of persons.(Acts 10:34)  That means you and I are not favorites.  He does say however, that the just shall live by his/her faith.   (Rom. 1:17)
You say, "I have faith,"....  Well then tell me your recent testimonies!  Not as easy eh?

The truth is that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Rom. 10:17)   If we want faith we need to get a hold of the word of God, either by hearing it preached by anointed people or by reading it.  Then when a promise or verse hits our spirit we need to write that down and make a note of it.

Then as we start to meditate on it and speak it over and over we get revelation on it and it becomes a rhema word to us.   Then the next step is to decree that word over ourselves and our situations.   This is when our faith becomes active.   You see faith that can't be tested can't be trusted.  As you get tested your faith will become stronger and you'll see more victories.  Then the best part is you'll be able to pray for others and they'll get victories too!

It's the same for each one of us.  There are no short cuts.    I have results because for  over 20 years I spent  time speaking the promises of God over myself and my situations.   There is so much truth to the saying, "If you want a change you must make a change!"  

So you want victory?  Do the work....  It's that simple. 

God has no favorites.... He's promised to reward the people that diligently seek him and since he is His word and he's the living word  your best life is to seek Him! (Heb. 11:6, John 1:1)

Just think, after twenty years of your tv shows where will you be?  Or after 20 years of your hobby where will you be?  Where do you want to be?  That's what changed me.  I really, really wanted to make a difference.  I liked it when someone I knew used to say that all hell went on red alert when I woke up in the morning.    The choice is up to you.... I have lots of good confessions in this blog that will help you get started.   And Holy Spirit will highlight some good faith filled preachers for you if you ask.

Have a great day knowing how much you are loved by an amazing God!
Big Hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mercy Triumphs!

 (photo from Mercy Triumphs over Judgement)  Youtube video is here!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nCInUHPcas

 Hi there friends!  I am back!  Seriously... it's been a wonderful year and I am amazed at God's goodness!

My heart has been stirred recently but a person's situation....  I won't go into details just that the person was left with some health issues and told to live with them. How sad is that!

But God!  Of course this person is angry and bitter and has full rights to be angry, frustrated and bitter...  but I know a better way!

Like Pastor Mark Redner used to tell me... They can't pay you back or make it up to you... Better to let them go and claim double from the Father.  Double the healing you need, double the recompense you need...  better dreams than the dream life you had before.  Only God can make up for man's short falls.

Like someone used to tell me a doctor is only an engineer with two more years of science.  If an engineer can make a mistake you better believe a doctor can make a mistake! 

Does that make sense?   I was praying for this person and my heart broke.    Such pain, horrible pain and broken dreams and it was such a mess I didn't know what to pray for first!  (That rarely happens to me).  I came away with my heart and soul crying out for mercy because honestly I didn't think I would be able to forgive the doctors if those things had happened to me!

Then this morning I was praying again for this person  I was wondering what to pray for next and I heard, "Through our God we shall do valiantly!  For it is He that treads down our enemies!" (Ps. 108:13)

Holy Spirit said I had a key!   With the Father's love in my heart,  putting myself in the person's shoes and crying out for mercy I had a key that would move Heaven and Earth.  Hallelujah!

I am waiting for the results..... I know what God showed me.... if I won't quit praying and making demands and decreeing promises Holy Spirit brings to my remembrance!   He won't quit because "He is forever faithful!" (Psalm 100:5)

So that's my exhortation today... Don't give up on people.... Doctor's do what they can and often fail us... however we have another recourse,,, God!  I dare you to pick up where you have given up on someone or some situation.   Ask God for a strategy or encouragement to keep pressing on and claim the healing promise (Isa. 53:5, 1Pet. 2:24) or dream (Ps. 37:4)  He's shown you!

Big hugs!
Brenda Gale

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Todd Bentley is More Anointed than Ever Before!

Hi Friends....

I've been a follower of Todd Bentley for over 15 years.   I was even on his Fire wall for a number of years. 

Not only has he been restored but he's still a preacher that makes the prophetic words happen.  Not too many preachers are willing to drop their plans on one word from God... but Todd is!

Here's the link to watch his services.  There's a link for archived broadcasts too!


Enjoy and be so radically blessed and healed and delivered!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Monday, June 13, 2016

Missed It.... But I am Learning!

 I was supposed to go out a few days ago to meet a group of Street Evangelists.  I was really excited about it and I got there right on time.   I waited and waited and no one showed up.... I was very disappointed so I messaged the organizer..... No response... Then I checked his facebook page and lo and behold he had cancelled the meeting half an hour after I checked  it that morning... Sigh...  There went my chance for fellowship with believers that day.

I had a few errands to do and I thought well there's no harm in giving out a few encouraging words along the way.   I was headed to Walmart but felt to go to Big Al's first... I walked inside and it was a zoo.  Tons of people everywhere.   I saw a little boy and thought how handsome he was but I didn't speak it to him.... A mother with a little baby passed by and I saw them and smiled and walked by....

Needless to say the rest of my shopping was a hurry... Get in, get what I needed and get out.  I went home and asked myself, "What happened?"

The Lord told me a few things that I'm going to share so you don't have to make the same mistakes, lol.

First of all... I needed to get my heart healed up from the disappointment.   Repentance then praise would have been the right thing to do before I went and did my errands.  Good decrees really help in those kind of situations.

Second.... I missed the opportunity with the little boy and the baby.  I love kids and I find that the fastest way to get my prophetic juices flowing is to ask for encouraging words for kids and babies.  God will often show me what their giftings are and give me pointers to help the parents to develop their gifts.

Third... I didn't repent after missing it with the kids....  Every time we don't follow the little nudges of Holy Spirit we are putting an offering on a demon alter... Not good.  The best thing to do is to repent for missing it and ask for a second chance.  Then you can redeem the time.

Fourth.... Slow down!  Take the time to ask Holy Spirit questions about people.  Sometimes you will feel drawn to a person or something will strike you about them. That's a good indicator that God wants you to pray or speak to them... but you have to ask Him clarifying questions first.

Fifth...  I should have prepared more in advance.... I have some good decrees that I wrote that help me get into the right flow....   Here's the link

 I hope this encourages you in your faith... I am certainly not perfect... However our God is and he's famous for giving us more opportunities to redeem the time!  I want to represent Jesus to my world Hallelujah! and Holy Spirit loves that!

Have a great day with Him!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson

Update:  I went out yesterday and gave out some destiny words and prayed for a little boy.  Then at work I prayed for a few people and blessed a few others.  These steps work!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Secret Place

Hi there... I've been pressing in for more.. Seems like when I want a breakthrough that the best thing is to quit doing so much and spend time seeking Him.

I happened to listen to this song and it's really appropriate.

I also asked the Lord for a carrot  because, let's face it...  we are normally Martha types and want to be doing....  not trying to still our thoughts and listen for his quiet voice.

I was led to this teaching on Sound Cloud by Justin Abraham... Amazing testimonies about saints in the past and the supernatural things they did.

Have a listen and be encouraged!


On that note... I'm going to make a point of setting aside more time every day to seek Him  and enjoy His presence

Go with God!
Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson