Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Night Ministering, (written Nov. 27, 2010)

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Hi Saints.  Something unusual happened last night during the ministry time at our Friday night healing service so I thought I would attempt to share what happened. 

I was sitting between two ladies in the front row of the church sharing some destiny words that the Lord had given me when one lady noticed that a leader  was waving me over to come help him.

I excused myself and went over to help him and he told me to put my hand on the lady's lower back.  I started to pray for her and got  the giggles almost immediately because she wasn't receiving the anointing we were 'pulling in' for her. (Hang on, I will explain.)

I told this leader that there was a blockage and asked the Lord what to do and He told me "thankfulness".  I didn't get the opportunity to talk to her as the other fellow was talking.   We weren't getting very far as this blockage had her cut off from Heaven's flow.

The leader eventually left and I still had my hand on her back. Another man was praying for her and the Lord gave me a detailed word for him.  He was so excited that it affected the lady, who I think was his wife. She turned to face me and I was able to give her a word of knowledge from God's heart and I could see it softening her heart.  I then felt the Lord prompt me to share about choosing to be thankful.

 I shared by way of example, "Thank You Lord that my feet don't hurt. Thank You Lord that my head doesn't hurt. Thank You Lord that I have shoes to wear. Thank You Lord for my wonderful husband and my beautiful children. Thank You Lord that I have a bed to sleep in." 

As I was sharing this, God's presence showed up and her back got mightily touched and she started to move it around, from side to side and started talking really fast in an Asian language. She was so excited!

I explained to her how the Lord inhabits the praises of his people and that we enter His presence with thanksgiving and praise". (Psalm 16:11, Psalm 100:4)   The Lord's presence backed off a bit while I shared this, so I started giving thanks again and a thick, tingly weight of God's glory came down on the three of us.

Talk about the Lord confirming the word that was spoken! I was rejoicing last night because some times I have shared the word and not felt His presence confirming it with signs and wonders.

These are new days.  I was so encouraged to keep going.  I asked the Lord to help me share with boldness outside of church again and He told me that if I would stay in thankfulness and praise that the anointing would flow wherever I was.  Hallelujah!   Now, we know that the Lord is 'no respecter of persons', so what He has told me will apply to your life too.  (ref. Acts. 10:34) Therefore, I exhort to stay thankful and claim that His anointing flows through you every day.

Now go and expect Him to do mighty things through you! Bless you as you pursue Him for more in your life!

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale

Kitchen Volcanoes and Such Like

Hi there.  I just had to tell you what happened yesterday.  I was all proud of myself for my new recipe idea to use these apples I froze and so I made up the recipe again yesterday.

The apples were such a good idea that I thought well more would be better and I wasn't sure how much lemon juice I had added the first time so I thought I'll measure it this time.   Four tablespoons looked good so I added that, mixed it all up and forgot to taste test along the way, never mind ask the Lord what He thought about the whole thing.

Well,  the timer went off and imagine my surprise to see a mini volcano cake in the oven.  Here's a picture of it.

Good thing is, my kids are not put off by my experiments and it's more than half gone as I write this to you.

Talk about a lesson in humility (snort).   The awesome cook, Brenda, just got taken down a peg or two by an apple cake.  So my hint of advice is always ask the Lord questions along the way and taste test before you add more lemon juice!

Have a great day with Him, knowing that He's laughing along with you at your foibles and He's always available for consultation along the way.

Here is a pic of the cake I made this morning.  Can you tell I asked the Lord what to do along the way?  It pays to stay humble and ask Him for help. LOL.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hi there.  I want to share about something the Lord has been challenging me on.  In Ephesians 3:20 we read that God has promised "to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all that we can think, dream or imagine" so I have been asking the Lord for new ideas and witty solutions for my family. Then as my faith and confidence grow, I want to believe for bigger ideas and solutions for my town and area.

The first solution I got was for a problem we have around here with hanging up laundry.  Don't laugh, it can be quite a headache because my hubby hates when we use the clothes dryer.  I have close lines strung across my living room, dining room and exercise room as I speak and I still run out of space to hang up all the socks and underwear that five of us can accumulate.

I was thinking to myself as I was hanging up clothes that I would have to buy one of those racks that you can hang clothes on and I thought, "Ask the Lord."

He caused me to look at the wooden baby gate we have installed in one room and it 'dawned' on me that if I stretched out that baby gate, it would look just like a rack.  I stretched out that gate and put some socks and underwear on it and was tickled pink at how well it worked.

I told the kids about it when they came home and they thought it was an improvement and my hubby thought it was a great idea since I wouldn't be using the dryer.  We have wood heat so the clothes dry quickly.

The second new innovation I got was a neat twist on a recipe.  I froze many bags of peeled, sliced and diced apples when they were coming off the trees this summer. The only problem is that they are very wet when thawed and don't work well in a lot of the recipes that call for diced apples.  So I asked the Lord what recipe would work tonight to use up these apples.

I 'happened' to notice a pineapple cake recipe in my recipe box that my kids love.  I was thinking this is such a great recipe and then it occurred to me that I might be able to use some lemon juice to increase the accidity of the apples to get the recipe to work.  Well, a little here and a little there while I am asking Holy Spirit questions and I got the recipe in the oven.   The recipe turned out so well that my gang  all commented on how good it was. Praise the Lord!

It is amazing how much the Lord wants to be involved in our lives.  He cares about all the details we care about.  I sure am encouraged to ask Him more questions.  I hope you are too.

Lord help the person reading this to hear and trust Your voice more clearly today. May they have Joy in their journey and peace when they lie down tonight, in Jesus' name! Amen.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update on Waiting on the Lord

Hi there... It's been almost 40 days since I started this new habit of waiting on the Lord at least one hour daily.  It's been a challenge with me working 50 hours a week lately, but God has given me grace and my husband has been a huge help.

So I want to tell you the exciting things that have been happening around here.
First of all, I have noticed that when I walk upstairs I can sence Heaven and the Lord's touch. I  get His holy laughter, which is a miracle in itself as I am prone to tears in His presence.

Then a week or so ago the Lord led me to read Revelation 10 and told me that this mighty angel is the one I have been sensing around me at certain times.  He's been such a comfort and he really likes it when I speak God's word.

Third, I've been able to nail the spirit attacking this lady at work.  She's got a mean, mean mouth and likes to complain about people.  At first I was able to bind the spirit of Jezebel; complaining, manipulation, envy and jealousy and then on Thursday it didn't work.  I was like "Lord, what's up?" I knew this spirit must be hiding behind another 'strong man'  spirit but I didn't know which one.

The Lord told me it was a viper spirit.  I didn't know much about them so I just bound it and then looked it up when I got home.   Remember the Pharisees?  Well, Jesus called them a brood of vipers... with  the master spirit of Beelzebub.  Bingo! That's my clue.  My girlfriend also mentioned that I should bind the "queen of Heaven" a territorial spirit.  Don't know much about that one yet.  I'll ask the Lord. The Lord told me to be aware of a scapegoat spirit that always wants to make me a punching bag or a fall guy for the person.  Good thing to be aware of.

So Friday morning on my way to work, after worshiping and enjoying God's presence,  I started to command my morning. I loosed Angels to bind those wicked kings that the Lord showed me (Ps. 149) and then I decreed camaraderie and joy in the journey for our group.  I claimed the whole team for the Kingdom of God, all of them.

What a difference! This stuff works!  The Lord was really happy with me and another Christian and myself were able to shine brightly the presence of the Lord. 

Let that encourage you.   It's always worthwhile to spend time with the Lord.  Sometimes I play the piano for Him, sometimes I read my bible,  sometimes I just sing and then wait on Him.  Holy Spirit will lead you, just like He leads me.

 I decree that His word out of your mouth is 'like a fire and a hammer that breaks the rocks into pieces!" (Jer. 23:29) Amen! (So be it!)