Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good listen about getting free from Porn

Hi there.....   I hate porn!  I hate everything about it!... I hate what it does to the person engaged in it and the death it brings to the person, their wives/girlfriends and children.

Also,  there are all the downstream effects of pornography: erectile dysfunction,   more twisted lusts, and the crimes people commit to fulfill those new desires and fantasies.

Did you know that the number one reason a woman will leave a man is because of porn addiction?  She knows he's fooling around on her.  I have met many porn widows.... some who were positive that their husbands/boyfriends were having an affair on them. They might not have been physically at that moment but they were emotionally!

There has been so little authoritative teaching on this subject and so many Christian men struggle with this I am thrilled to find this youtube video about purity.


There's also a book put out by Promise Keepers called, "Sex, God  and Men" by Douglas Weiss.  It has some good stuff in it about the different levels of masturbation etc.  and how to bond with your mate so porn is not so desirable.

Basically..... your best option is to ask Holy Spirit to help you to hate your sin... that's the start.  And, as always,,, run to God... not away from Him!  A healed heart is much stronger at resisting porn than a broken, hurting person.

So If you want to pray with me let's start out this way... You can add whatever the Lord lays on your heart.  

" Lord, your will be done and your kingdom come in our lives in a greater way today.  We claim courage to run to You, not away from you. We know that you were tempted to sin, yet didn't sin and we too can resist temptation! Hallelujah for the hope and victories you have in store for us! Amen!"

Have a great day!
Brenda Gale Thompson

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lord Help Us!

I get so mad when I see Christians more worried about appearances than the people God's put in their path.

It's so, so wrong.... Jesus was a friend of sinners!!!!  Do we even have a clue what that means?   That doesn't mean that the people got instantly delivered of every single sin problem they had and then and only then Jesus would hang out with them!   NO!  God always leaves a bad habit or two so people will learn and grow through the training process.  Always!

If we read James chapter 2 we see that if we fail in just one part we are guilty of it all.  According to Matt. 15:18-20 even our thoughts are dirty and unclean before a holy God!  So why do we think that we have to maintain certain standards?????  Who are we trying to impress?  What are our motives????

We desperately need his mercy and grace.... I myself run into the holy of holies and receive my robe of righteousness  many times a day. Thank God its a free gift!

I make sure that before I get a 'holier than thou' attitude that I say, "It's only by God's grace that I'm not doing 10x worse!"  We need to die to what we think people will say and think about us period!  Being a 'Living sacrifice' means just that. (Rom 12:1) The Fear of Man is a snare and a trap. (Prov. 20:25)

So this applies to our friends who aren't going to church or living a "Christian lifestyle". Who are we to impose our beliefs on them? Do we think that our rules or false judgements will draw them to Christ?  Hardly.... It's God's kindness that leads men to repentance!  Not rules and human standards.

I can only speak for myself and I tell you I am so sick of religious people who are trying to maintain their standards. They like the Pharisees conveniently forget love!  We got to look right! And oh!, what will the people say if I am seen with you?"

It was people like that that Kept me away from church for a long time! People who want to make you keep paying for your sin that happened years ago. Give me a break!

Religious behavior is concerned with Appearances and it always takes people away from the simplicity of the gospel.

Now a days its very common for people to live together.   I might not agree but I am not anybody's judge... My Father is very good at talking to his sons and daughters and the last time I checked He hadn't asked for my help. He told me to love people where they were at and to trust Him to change them, in his timing (not mine).

You know.... quite likely my daughter wouldn't have had  a father if I had insisted on this religious standard...  and many people would not have gotten saved and healed over the years as a result.  My in-laws probably didn't agree with us sharing a bed before marriage but they wisely kept their opinions to themselves.  Thank God for people like them.  Now did my boyfriend get saved eventually?  Yes... and let me tell you it wasn't my religious,  self-righteous behavior that won him... it was my non- judgemental love.

Anyhow....  that's my opinion.... I've been praying for my girls and their boyfriends and I believe God has His hand on them.....  Hallelujah!  I just want to shine so bright for the Lord!  I want to emulate love and not religious behavior! There's already too many Christians concerned about what others will think if they do this or that.   Lord help us all to die to the fear of man!

I'd be very interested to hear how you have handled these kind of situations in your family.

Have a great day with the Lord!
Brenda Gale Thompson