Monday, November 2, 2015

Patricia King and the Seer Gift!

Hi There... I took Patricia's course, "The Glory Realm" back in 2000  and it was such a help in opening my eyes to believe that there was another realm.

Here is a good episode from her show where she interviews James Goll-- another great seer.

Enjoy! Lots of meat in this episode.
Remember, it's your right to see in the Kingdom.  Everyone can see.

Brenda Gale Thompson

Best Exercises for Learning How to See in the Kingdom

Hi.  I just listened to a Youtube video by Mike Parsons and it was so helpful!  I wish I had had this video 15 years ago when I first started  trying to learn how to see in the Kingdom realm.

I'm going to share it here for all of you.   He makes it really easy to follow and he even has mentoring groups  on Google that you can join if you are interested.   He's got the proof!  He's taken his whole church up into the courts and talk about the testimonies!!!  I'm in awe.

It's called , "Exercises - How To Enter The Spirit Realm and Interact with God"

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson