Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puppy Evangelism

Might as well start them young, right? That's what I was thinking yesterday on a very cold winter's day. I thought there is no point going to the mall, as it's January and most people are recovering from Christmas spending. It's way too cold outside to go street preaching, so what else can I do?

I know, I'll do Puppy Evangelism! I have a new puppy and she is very cute and quiet. The people at the Seniors home will love her, and I'll get to talk to them and share with them, as the Lord leads.

Fast forward one day. It worked. Brandy was a hit with the seniors and I talked to six or seven people. It was a good start. I did not have the chance to talk to the lady I planned on visiting, because she forgot I called thirty minutes earlier and went to see some singers perform a few songs. I forgot how quickly some seniors can forget things, (chuckle) but that's okay. I will go back soon. As I build friendships, I'll be able to pray for them and answer any questions they might have.

I count on the Lord to let me know what to say and how to say it. He is so very helpful. He can take any circumstance and turn it into an opportunity.

I was so encouraged with my results yesterday, that I went to a different Seniors home today. I brought my other Boston Terrier, Belle. The lady I was hoping to visit was out, (this happens a lot) so God opened the doors for me to talk to some men.

One man was especially taken with Belle and I got her to do a bunch of tricks for him, which all the men loved. There were plenty of smiles on their faces this afternoon, Praise the Lord!

Belle went to another man in a wheel chair and asked permission to stand up on her hind legs. I let her, and she licked his hand and made a big fuss over him, which of course made his day. I gave the man a dog treat and showed him how to give it to her. You should have seen the smile on his face, when she took the treat from him. He was beaming with joy.

I'm pretty sure those men will be talking about a dog named Belle at the supper table tonight. I'm thinking that they will be chuckling over her antics, and remembering how she cocks her head from side to side when you talk to her.

A man who worked at the residence told me I could come back any time with my dog and visit the people. I'm excited because I get to talk to the seniors, and the dogs are great conversation starters. They give so much love and make it easy for me to talk to the people and then bless them. It's a real win, win situation.

I'm encouraged too, because it helps me practice witnessing to people. As we make ourselves available, God uses us for His Glory. Now that's living!

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