Monday, January 19, 2009

Help From Heaven

You know... It's been a rough week, and I just want to be with the Lord, so much. I thank God, for Jesus and for what He's done for me. There's no high like the Most High.

We are seated with Him in heavenly places, right? (Eph 2:6) Our minds, our whole beings are sanctified by the blood of the lamb, right? (1 Cor 6:11) We've been renewing our minds with the Word of God, right? (Rom 12:1-3) Our imagination is part of our mind, right?

God wants us to use our sanctified imaginations to help us dream and visualize heavenly things and the future. (Joel 2:28 & Hab 2:1-3) If Ezekiel can see visions about wheels and Paul and John can go visit Heaven, then I can too with Holy Spirit. Remember, without a vision, (or a dream), the people perish. (Prov 29:18)

"Holy Spirit. You are my guide in all areas of my life. Please show me more of heavenly things. I want to see more. Holy Spirit show me something today, please. I believe I receive in Jesus' name."

Let us pause for a moment or two.

I sense there are angels here - precious... beautiful... awesome angels.

"Lord how many are there here now?", I ask.

I sense that there are 10 now in the house; two for each person, plus a warrior angel and a communications angel.

It's been a tough week. Every thing that can be stretched has been stretched.

"What are the angels for Lord?", I wonder.

"Protection mostly." I hear the words in my mind, bubbling up from my heart.

Holiness. He's so, so... "HOLY".

Immediately, I say "Lord forgive my wrong words. I just want to soak in Your Presence so much."

Tears are starting to flow... Holy Spirit is moving in like a cloak around my shoulders.

Whoa... So precious, is one's fellowship with Holy Spirit. "Holy Spirit, you are what I'm living for. You are what I long for everyday."

I pause for a minute... just to enjoy His sweet presence.

The communication angel is saying "peace... peace... peace", and I am crying in response to the power contained in this one, single word. How the Lord hears our heart's cry, so well.

I note that the warrior angel is different from the one that helped me at the Department of Justice. He's about eight feet tall, and His wings are so huge they would fill half my living room. There is a blue glow, like a luminous mist all around him. He has got a huge sword in a sheath by his right side. It's glowing gold with jewels in it. His tunic is so brilliantly white, that I wanted to shield my eyes.

He is silent... I sense, (from Holy Spirit), that he wants a testimony, to take home to the angels.

"In Jesus' Name I release you, Angels to fight and win against the Lord's enemies," I command.

He left with a very determined look. There was no smile on this angel's face. I sure am glad that he is on our side. He has been here before, I realize.

Wow! We are never alone. Never!

"Lord, does he need help?", I ask.

"Yes, help would be nice," I hear Holy Spirit say.

"In Jesus' name, I call the angels of Heaven down through the portal I've opened with my praise and worship. Thank You, Lord, for the open Heaven here. Thank You, for the deep, deep well of your Presence that I have dug on my farm. Thank You Lord for the multitudes You are bringing here for refreshing, encouragement and sozo; everything replaced, everything fixed better than before in their lives."

The Lord says that I am supposed to share this on my blog with you. (Ha ha.) I am not crazy. I am just walking tight with a Supernatural God. I am here to testify that the Spirit realm is very, very real. It's more real than the physical realm we live in.

The communication angel just walked into the room. He is about 5'9" tall. He is the size of a large man, with no wings that I can see. He is dressed in a toga-like tunic, with a cape over his shoulders. He had the most beautiful book in his left arm and there is a pen holder on his belt. I thought at first it was for a dagger, but I see that it's for a pen-type instrument. He is motioning to me to quit typing.

He is showing me "names" in a book, and I start to blubber before I can even recognize the names he is showing me.

Every person that I have ever prayed for... every person... will be in this book.

I keep asking if I am hearing him right. It's too wonderful... too amazing.

He keeps saying it over and over... His voice is gentle, yet insistent, a baritone or bass. It is very melodious. I am having a hard time getting my mind around this. I see a picture of the Lord's hand reaching down to someone on their descent... into hell.

It's just a flash, but it leaves an indelible imprint. He means this.

The angel is turning the page in the book that he is holding. A breeze began as he did this. He's reaching for my hand. As my hand touched the page of the book, I felt a rush of air that enveloped me. It "is", as he said.

It is true! Hallelujah! The "man" that has been on my heart, that just committed suicide, is in Heaven. Hallelujah! It is giving me such peace and comfort to know this!

I find myself taking deep breaths, as I revel in the wonder of these new truths. It is taking me a while to compose myself...

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for opening my eyes to see wonderful things in Your Word and in the spirit.

I bless you as you go. I decree that you walk in an open Heaven with Holy Spirit and that he is going to show you how to walk in Heaven while you walk the Earth.

Big hugs,
Brenda Gale Thompson
P.S. Thanks for reading!

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