Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Many Angels?

Many years ago when I was learning about Angels and our roles in the Kingdom of God I heard that they were sent to protect us (Psalm 91) and that they listen for the word of God coming out of us for some of their marching orders.(Psalm 103:20)

I was very intrigued by this and a few days later I asked the Lord if I was keeping my Angels busy. He said, "No." Well, I wanted to learn how so I asked the Lord to teach me.

A few weeks later I asked the Lord if I was keeping my Angels busy and He said, "Yes." I was happy initially but then I sensed a longing in Holy Spirit so I asked Him, "what's Up?"
I felt that He wanted more angels busy so I asked him to show me how to pray so more Angels would be busy.

A lot of it involved praying for people as I would see them, hear of them or talk to them on the phone. As I asked for God's kingdom to come and His will to be done etc. in their lives, more Angels got busy.

Many day's later, I was praying for all the guys in my Engineering class and I asked the Lord, "How many angels can I have?"

You know what He said? He said conversationally, "As many as you will keep busy."

I was stunned by the possibilities.

Since that day, many years ago, I have had great satisfaction keeping Angels busy, and as a result, I have seen many testimonies that keep my faith stoked. We do serve an awesome God and we are co-laborers with Him!

Lord I ask that you would make your word real to the person reading this. Show them how to cooperate with You and bring Your Kingdom and Your will on Earth. Thank you Lord for your Heavenly helpers, Angels and for showing us how to help You in the Great Commission too. Thanks Lord that we all have Your joy in our day to day walk with You. Amen.

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